The Blind Apple Girl

The blind girl, salesman, and the bruised apples

A group of salesmen went to a regional sales convention in Chicago. After a week, they were excited to come home and return to their family. They assembled at the airport, ready to run as soon as the gates opened.

With a briefcase and luggage, one of the salesmen accidentally nudged a table with apples on display, causing a huge mess. The fruit fell everywhere. However, it was boarding time and the man didn’t bother at what had happened.

The apples were scattered and as everyone rushed to the gate, one salesman risked losing his flight and stopped to help the girl grappling to find her apples.

Guilt and compassion

The man was filled with both guilt and overwhelming compassion—someone had to help which was a choice he knew he had to make. The young girl was sobbing with disbelief at what just happened.

The man helped put the apples back and separated the bruised ones. Just before he left, he gave $20 to the girl, to cover up those she can no longer sell.

Sir, are you Jesus?

As the man walked away, the girl called back and asked, “Sir, are you Jesus?”

Bewildered, the man realized the girl was blind. By the time he boarded the plane, his heart was filled not with pride, but humility and hope.

He realized that the greatest testimony of a true Christian is what Jesus has always taught—seek to love one another.

Seek to love one another.

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