Why Christians should move as one body

Each day, the world sees a steady rise in teen suicide, depression, drug addiction, and sexual promiscuity. Disengaged parents and social media are part of the influence. If Christian can truly unite and move as one body, a lot can change. Unfortunately, Christians competing among themselves remains prevalent (Luke 9:46). Bureaucracy and pride forms the disunity.

Pride and Prejudice

When this ministry began, pride and self-serving motives were immediately evident with our former partners. When we sought help from the Bishop of one of the largest church organization in the Philippines, we were not only declined twice but was completely ignored because of prejudice.

Generation Z needs you

The scheme of the enemy is disguised as “political correctness” and it’s at our doorstep. We need to push for a counterculture and prepare this generation for what is to come. The timing is relevant as statistics give us an alarming rate of drug abuse, suicide, and a leap in HIV/AIDS cases among High School students. It is the critical hour.

Suicide and Depression

Suicide & Depression

In 2014, the US-CDC reported suicide as the second leading cause of death, among teenagers aged between 13 to 18 years old. Those in High School are the most vulnerable. While the Philippines may not share the same statistics, undocumented reports of suicide cases are steadily rising.

Cyberbullying is also a growing threat that may cause depression and eventually – suicide. A recent online game challenge “Blue Whale”, led to several suicides. Teens are exposed to this threat each time they go online.

Silent tragedy affecting today’s children
Today’s children are deprived of the fundamentals of a healthy childhood. Busy parents are no longer available should their kids need an emotional bean bag. Most kids today do not have balanced nutrition nor do they get adequate sleep. They lack outdoor activities and creative opportunities that parents could provide.
Instead, children are being served with parents who are “digitally distracted,” who give their kids too much entitlement, a sedentary indoor lifestyle, technological babysitters, instant gratification, and the absence of dull and boring moments which could actually be good for them.

Alarming statistics in the USA
● 1 in 5 children has mental health problems
● 43% Increase in ADHD patient
● 37% Increase in Teen Depression
● 200% Increase in suicide rate in kids 10-14 years old

HIV Generation

HIV & Drugs

In the Philippines, only 1 person per day was getting infected with the HIV virus back in 2008. This jumped to 17 per day in 2014 and 25 per day as of 2016. (2016, DOH)

HIV Statistics 2016
● 97% are male
● Heterosexual contact 20%
● Homosexual contact 80%
● Bisexual contact 35%
● Ages 15 to 24 years old (Grade 9 to college)
● 25 HIV infections daily
● Cases are getting younger

Getting worse in 2017
The Department of Health is now actively pushing DepEd to distribute condoms in High School because of the alarming rise in infection. Our millennials are dubbed as the “HIV Generation.” As of January 2017, 29 new cases of HIV are recorded every day.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has become endemic in our society. The war against it should not only be a government initiative. It should inspire believers to know that the Philippine government has taken a bold step in introducing “Faith-Based Programs,” authored by Evangelical Christians, to accomplish the task of eliminating the drug problem in the country.

Social Media

Social Media Influence

In the USA, 88% of teens have access to cell or smartphones. About 90% of them use SMS or messenger apps to communicate, according to Pew Research. Their landscape of communication is shifting. Much of what they absorb daily comes from the internet and Satan dominates it through music, video games, and narcissism.

Bad games – bad apps
New apps and online games are becoming more sinister. Bloody killing is celebrated and most have become desensitized to what is actually evil in nature. We have seen the side effects of playing these types of games through the rampant and senseless killing in schools and public places. These murderers have one thing in common – most of them are fans of deadly video games.

In 2013, the Blue Whale Game, also known as “Blue Whale Challenge,” was a 50-day challenge, with the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide. It’s first reported suicide was in 2015.

Internet Social Media is a powerful tool to share the love of Christ. In the Philippines, we have yet to see a consolidated effort in doing this collectively and effectively.

How Christian organization can help

The internet and social media are shaping how students see themselves. If you are an individual or a Christian organization, you can help us through the following:

1. School Club
Partner with John15 Rocks School Club (J15 Club). You can help by adopting a school and becoming a catch-basin for students in need of counseling and mentoring.

2. Online campaign
Help us promote a consolidated internet campaign on evangelism, HIV awareness, and counseling support by becoming an online missionary.

3. Music Festival and Master Class
Help us organize a Music Festival and Master Class within your vicinity to promote Christian music and your church.

Why music and social media?
As of the first quarter of 2018, Facebook has approximately 2.2 Billion users and the Philippines rank 6th place with 60 Million users.

It is estimated that video will represent 80% of Internet traffic by 2019. Among the youth, 45% of downloaded programs are music apps (Spotify, iTunes, others).

In YouTube, out of the 100 most viewed videos, 94 are music videos, with “Despacito” as the top video of all time with 5 Billion users and counting. The music talks about permissive “sex” and is referred to as “filth” even in the secular world. Christians must use this medium to promote not only better music, but godly values.

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