The Heresy of Transgender, Gay, & Lesbian Pastors

The Heresy of Transgender, Gay, & Lesbian Pastors in the United States

In 2021, the trajectory of “woke churches” ordaining transgender pastors and blessing gay marriage spiked as Satan waged war against the nuclear family. Suddenly, “progressive Christians” in the USA, Canada, and the U.K. could push LGBTQ+ curricula, the Drag Queen Story Hour, children’s gay books, and the introduction of Satan clubs in public schools.

Critical Timeline of LGBTQIA Rights in the protestant church

  • 1970 – The Unitarian Universalist Association becomes the first U.S. mainstream religious group to recognize LGB (LGBTQIA2) clergy and laity within its ranks and to demand an end to anti-gay discrimination. [UCC]
  • 1972 – The UCC passed a resolution affirming “the civil rights of homosexuals and urging that law be enacted to protect those rights.” Rev. William R. Johnson was the first openly gay minister ordained by the church. The same year, the UCC Gay Caucus (later the Open and Affirming Coalition) was formed. [ONA]
  • 1977 – The UCC’s General Synod approves a resolution “Deploring the Violation of Civil Rights of Gay and Bisexual Persons.”
  • 1982 – The Rev. Anne Holmes is the first openly lesbian minister ordained in the UCC.
  • 2005 – Same-sex couple Mark Benson and John Licata were married in the UCC in Oberlin, Ohio. This was believed to be the first public church wedding ceremony for a same-sex couple in the United States.
  • 2012 – The Episcopal Church (Anglican) introduced the rite of blessing for same-sex couples.
  • 2013 – The Evangelical Lutherans (ECLA) ordained Rev. Guy Erwin, the first openly gay Bishop of the ECLA.
  • 2020 – A transgender boy was baptized at a Universalist church to transition to his preferred female gender; he was nine years old.
  • 2021 – President Joe Biden pushed the Gender Equality Act that paved the way for LGBTQIA2 rights to be expanded in the government, military, and schools—empowering woke churches that support their rights.
  • 2021 – Methodist minister Rev. Craig Duke demonstrated solidarity with the LGBTQ by appearing as a drag queen in the HBO reality “We’re Here.” It was also his way of supporting his pansexual daughter. The United Methodist launched its first drag queen as a candidate ministry in the same year, “speaking in a new way to new people.”
  • 2023 – The Church of England, in a collective decision, agreed on the blessings for same-sex couples. However, the church will maintain its ban on same-sex marriage. [A.P.]

Prominent LGBTQ pastors in the United States

ECLA: Transgenders Asher O’Callaghan and Megan Rohrer

In 2010, Megan Rohrer and six other gay and transgender became pastors at ECLA. Rohrer is a lesbian turned transgender male, “social justice activist,” and Pastor of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in San Francisco. She is considered the first openly transgender minister. In 2015, ECLA ordained its first female-to-male transgender Pastor, Asher O’Callaghan. [Advocate]

lesbian pastor
Megan Rohrer and Asher O’Callaghan of the Lutheran Church of America pioneer transgender male Pastors.

LGTBQ bullies attack Christian bakers.

ECLA: “Dyke” Nadia Bolz-Weber

Nadia Bolz-Weber described herself as potty-mouth and a “dyke.” She is also ridden with tattoos. In 2018, Nadia retired from the “Pop-Christian church,” House for All Sinners & Saints, according to Pulpit & Pen, the Pastor who replaced her married a drag queen named Fruit Bomb.

In 2023, transman Scott Nugent exposed the harmful lies of Gender Affirming Care. Along with

Not everyone is God’s child?

1 Corinthians 6:9-11
Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God…

ECLA: Nicole Garcia, the first transgender Latina pastor

Latina Nicole Garcia is the first evangelical transgender Pastor at Westview Lutheran Church, ordained in 2019. He was formerly known as Michael Garcia, a corrections officer, married for eight years before they divorced.

Garcia struggled with his sexuality for years. “I had my come-to-Jesus moment,” he said, and after therapy sessions, he knew what to do. He stepped out to become Nicole Garcia.

The Lutheran church embraced her transition. Eventually, she joined the National Board of Directors group as their transgender representative and attended seminary school.

ECLA: Rose Beeson to Reverend Peter Beeson

St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA), New Jersey, celebrated in 2018 what to them is a sacred “renaming ceremony.” Rose Beeson, one of their pastors, is a biological female. They took her coming out as formality akin to Jesus’ changing Simon’s name to Peter.

She was given a cap in the ceremony and bestowed a new name, Rev. Peter Beeson. They did this to demonstrate the “expansiveness of God’s compassion.”

New Jersey Synod Bishop Tracie Bartholomew blesses Rev. Peter Beeson at St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church’s baptismal font. (PHOTO via Huffington Post)

Calvary Baptist: Transgender Allyson Robinson to the Gospel Ministry

In 2014, Calvary Baptist Church in Washington ordained Allyson Robinson to the gospel ministry. A biological male, Robinson, is openly transgender and had reassigned surgery. She previously studied in a seminary and pastored at a Texas church as a man.

I prayed for 25 years of my life since I was old enough to know how to pray that God would fix me,” Robinson said. She learned to accept herself rather than commit suicide. The church, led by married lesbian co-pastors, embraced her sexual orientation.

gay pastor
From Daniel Robinson to Reverend Allyson, she is now married to a lesbian wife-husband, serving in Gospel ministry at Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.

Drag Queen teaches a gay lifestyle to kids.

SECC: Kris to Esther Loewen

Kris Loewen of the Southeastern California Conference (SECC) was born male. He was a youth and family pastor married to a biological woman. Lowen claims God is a woman or, at least, a woman of some sort. In 2021, he posted on his Facebook that he was now a (transgender) woman christened ‘Esther.’

In 2022, Kris, who is now Esther, invented a “ceremonial rite of passage” to celebrate her gender transition. A La Sierra University Church pastor anointed her with oil and ash on his forehead.

Kris Loewen, now Esther, is “annotated” by a female pastor to celebrate her gender transition. Esther is married to Paige, and they have two kids. In 2022, Paige was interviewed in a podcast, 50 Shades of Gender, expressing her continued love and support for her spouse of 16 years.

Drag Queen alphabet was introduced to minor children.

N.C. Baptist: Erica Saunders, its first openly “trans-pastor.”

In 2019, Peace Community, the historic Baptist church in North Carolina, hired Erica Saunders as its first openly “trans-pastor.” A biological male, Erica, was placed into the gospel ministry. She first came out as a freshman while studying for her master’s degree in Divinity.

There were 16 candidates, and Erica stood out with her bright, compassionate, faith-filled, and “spirit-led” presence. The church was part of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) but left with other LGBTQ-affirming Baptist groups.

trans pastor
Peace Community church describes itself as “an inclusive congregation that boldly and earnestly embraces the call of Jesus to seek God’s Realm.”

TikTok Pastor: Rev. Brandan Robertson

Brandan Robertson is a millennial Christian activist who advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the church. He is associated with the progressive Christian movement, emphasizing social justice and inclusivity. He studied at the Moody Bible Institute and referred to himself as a minister of the gospel of Christ.

In 2021, he introduced a new heresy: “Queer is holy.” Brendan preaches that homosexuality is not a sin, Jesus is feminine, and hell doesn’t exist.

Robertson has worked with ELCA and UCC. He is the Lead Pastor of the progressive church, the Mission Gathering Christian Church, in San Diego, CA.

United Methodist: Isaac Simmons, aka Penny Cost

Isaac Simmons is an openly gay drag queen, “Penny Cost.” He is a ministry candidate in the United Methodist Church (UMC) that has split the church.

In 2021, in a historic move, Simmons became a certified candidate for ordained ministry in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference.

Isaac Simmons came upon the idea of merging drag and spirituality. In the same year, he preached as his drag persona, Ms. Penny Cost, on Pentecost Sunday. He believes his calling is to create spaces and plant the seeds of change in people’s lives through “Penny’s ministry.”

LGBTQIA Church in the Philippines

Open Table Metropolitan Community Church (MMC) is an ecumenical Christian church with a special ministry on LGBTQIA people. The “woke church” allows a “holy union” between the same sex. They are part of a bigger movement with 250 member congregations in 23 countries. They have transgender and women pastors.

MMC can be considered the pioneer in PRIDE March in the Philippines on June 26, 1994.


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  1. I know that God will NOT bless these people because of what the word of God says and the people who follow them will not see the kingdom of God either. They ALL must fall on their faces and ask for forgiveness. God is faithful to forgive if asked with a sincere heart. Satan is working hard to destroy ALL mankind. PLEASE PRAY for these people


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