The Life of a Pastor

The Life of a Pastor: A Tribute to Pastor Paul Guimary

In 2021, missionary Paul “Lito” Guimary retired as senior pastor from Christ Our Savior Church in Chicago, where he served for twenty years.

Pastor Guimary was part of the Evangelical Free Church Mission (EFCM) that planted churches in the Philippines. He and his wife co-founded Crossroads Fellowship in the 1990s.

His colleague in the USA, author, and Pastor Bob Webster Moeller penned a tribute noting how his humility and character were more important than his position in the church.

1. Seeking to evangelize

Pastor Guimary sought opportunities to engage with people to share the Gospel wherever he went. Without hesitation, he invites people to Christ, often using the “Roman RoadGospel sharing.

His passion for spreading the message of Christ remains constant, as the flame of the Evangelical Explosion that took place in the 1980s continues to burn brightly in his heart.


2. Enduring difficulties

The Guimarys have endured hardships and difficult circumstances, which is evidence of their true calling from the Lord.

Pastor Lito faced challenges yet consistently demonstrated patience, calmness, and grace when faced with conflict or volatile situations, exercising forgiveness and leaving the door open to reconciliation.


3. Servant attitude

Lito and his wife, Anette, have always served as a team, opening their home to people needing food or a place to stay.

He has been faithful to his wife, Annette, and their evident love for one another has been a model and inspiration to others. He used his authority to serve rather than be served.

More importantly, he guarded the reputation of the Gospel more than his—and lived a modest life of servitude.

The qualities of an overseer according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7

  • He must be blameless, a one-woman man, self-controlled, sensible, and hospitable.
  • He must be able to teach, not addicted to wine, and not a bully but gentle.
  • He must not be quarrelsome, not greedy.
  • He must manage his household well, with well-behaved children.
  • He is not a new convert with a good reputation among outsiders to avoid disgrace and the Devil’s trap.


The marriage of Paul and Anette Guimary was built on service to the Lord. In 2021, he retired as senior pastor of Christ Our Savior Church, and the church held a celebratory dinner in their honor.

Excerpts from “Tribute to Paul and Annette Guimary”

The Guimarys have met the biblical standard of being above reproach and have lived a life of integrity and transparency, which inspires us all.”

You have guarded the reputation of the Gospel and lived a modest and humble lifestyle. You used your authority to serve rather than be served.”

You have been faithful to your wife, Annette. The obvious love you two have enjoyed for one another has been a model and an inspiration to others.

You two have been partners in ministry in an almost indivisible way. When it comes to serving the people of God, it has always been Pastor Lito and Annette, never just one or the other.

Even when criticized, you have exercised forgiveness and grace and left the door open to reconciliation. Your hospitality has always been a hallmark of your ministry.

One of their neighbors reflected on your retirement and their departure from your home of twenty years, “I hate to see them go.” And I believe he was speaking for all.

But we will always be thankful for the life you’ve shared with us. We love you, and may God bless and keep you!


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