15 Demonic video games you should not play

Fifteen most demonic video games you should avoid playing

Video games can negatively impact teens’ brains. While some research suggests some benefits, it will ultimately affect neurocognitive development and exacerbate ADHD. Games such as Bullet Storm or Fornite seem harmless, but subconsciously are anti-Bible and deeply demonic. Consider limiting or banning the following games to protect yourself or your child.

Allan Wake

Alan Wake’s gameplay immerses players in psychological horror, emphasizing the danger of blurring the lines between reality and fiction, as the protagonist confronts otherworldly entities and the haunting consequences of a disturbed mind that players may imbibe.

Assassin’s Creed

In this assassin video game, players step into the shoes of a cold-blooded killer, encountering realistic graphics filled with visceral blood and gore, including decapitation that appears unnervingly lifelike.


Dubbed as the “worst video game,” it takes violence to disturbing levels with explicit rewards for shooting enemies in private parts, excessive profanity, gruesome explosions, and tying violent acts to explicit sex acts through in-game awards. Gamers themselves are concerned about its impact on younger players.

Call of Duty

Adapted from historical war heroes, Call of Duty is ridden with blood. It is this type of real-war where many veterans committed suicide because they couldn’t handle the memory of it. In Modern Warfare 2, it’s even more intense with realistic warfare with graphic depictions of killing and destruction that can alter one’s sanity.

Dead Island

Dead Island is an extremely violent, gory open-world action game with adult narrative elements, including alcohol, drugs, and strong profanity, and it supports online cooperative play with open voice chat, which is not recommended for pre-teens by Common Sense Media.

Dead Space

Dead Space is often considered demonic due to its horrifying and grotesque depictions of mutated creatures, occult-like symbols and themes, and the eerie and haunting atmosphere that immerses players in a nightmarish experience filled with dark and malevolent forces.


Diablo’s demonic and occult-themed gameplay, with battles against malevolent entities and dark magic, can have a psychologically unsettling effect on players due to its grim atmosphere. You are literary inviting demonic forces in your sphere.


Fallout 4 delves into a disturbingly gory and evil world, where players face harrowing moral dilemmas such as cannibalism, extortion from a child, causing an elderly fortune-teller to overdose, and prolonging the suffering of a cyborg, among other horrifying choices.


t Fortnite promotes idleness, encourages looting, the myth of climate change, endorses leftist political correctness presents an unrealistic and unbiblical view of the apocalypse, which undermines and mocks God’s Word.


Halo video game incorporates religious elements, including satanic and theocratic references, as well as mocking portrayals of Christians through certain characters like Grunts and Elites, while the use of terms like “Forerunners” and “Prophets” may be perceived as insulting to the Christian faith.

Mortal Kombat

Considered as a classic game, Mortal Kombat’s excessive violence, brutal fatalities, and use of dark, occult-like themes in characters, settings, and storyline, that are disturbing and offensive are clearly of the dark side.

Naughty Bear

The name should not fool you. It is actually disturbing because it blends in an evil mental psychosis that plainly encourages murder. It’s actually frightening and can give you a nightmare.

New Vegas

It’s a role playing game with profanity, rudeness, and sexual conversation. The way they want to kill the enemy is very disturbing and violent.


The Saw video games immerse players in a world of sadistic and bloddy torture, as they must navigate Jigsaw’s nightmarish funhouse filled with gruesome and torturous traps to survive..


Splatterhouse is deemed demonic and evil due to its extreme violence, brutal gameplay, and unsettling portrayal of monstrous creatures, creating and inviting into one’s life a dark and malevolent spirit.

Children are Satan’s prey

It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that these games desensitize and rewire the brain. These video graphics are demonic. John 10:10 puts it plain and straightforward: The devil wants to steal, kill, and destroy. But there is hope in Jesus, who alone can release us from bondage.

The only way to combat this is through early screen discipline and not allowing kids below 14 years old to use gadgets or play video games. Parents should keep in mind this is ultimately a spiritual war, and only Jesus has the power to transform hearts.

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