Moral decay is not a government issue

The solution to moral decay is not the government but the Gospel through intentional discipleship

Good governance does not prevent moral decay and the politicization of Christians is endangering the Gospel. There are Christian leaders who continue to fall for the enemy’s smokescreen by talking about politics instead of dealing with the heart of the issue.


Good governance is the least of the solution

Most European countries have decent government leaders, yet, there is moral decay everywhere. For example, prostitution, same-sex marriage, and abortion are legal in nearly every European country.

Christianity is practically dead in Europe and is dying in the United States.

No matter what Christians did in America, prayers were banned in public schools, gay marriage was legal, and abortion was called “health care.” Discipleship has taken the backseat in lieu of social justice.

In the Philippines, the CBCP and non-denominational groups PCEC, NCCP, and recently CCF, through its Christian Value Movement, are all on the same page of pushing “righteous politics.”

Despite their political efforts, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who they dread will win, won by a landslide. As a result, it has divided the body. Just like in the USA, evangelicals are endangering the Gospel in the Philippines with constant political rhetoric.

ABS-CBN Showtime segment in April 2022: “Sexy Beks” is seen in national television, hosted by Vice Ganda, who is a celebrated transgender in showbiz.

The heart of the issue

Some preachers in America have used their pulpits for Christian activism for decades. Still, church membership continues to decline. There are many reasons, but the root is simple: Sinful men without Christ make sinful laws. The only way to transform society is through discipleship.

Paul and Governor Felix

Apostle Paul was accused of defiling the temple by bringing gentiles into it. He defended himself before Governor Felix who knew the ‘peaceful reputation’ of the Way. This wouldn’t have been the case if the apostles constantly spoke against what the government is doing.

Acts 24:24-26
He sent for Paul and listened to him as he spoke about faith in Christ Jesus. As Paul talked about righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come, Felix was afraid…

What our government leaders need

Paul had a rare opportunity to talk about Jesus and rebuke Felix in the hope of his salvation. The point is that we should be more concerned about the transformation of specific government leaders instead of what they do, and we can accomplish that with the following:

Sinful men without Christ make sinful laws.

God’s solution is not partisan politics but the Gospel

Apologist John MacArthur, who often criticized demonic ideologies in the government and society, goes to the heart of the issue: Moral decline. It is a spiritual problem, and God’s solution is not partisan politics but the Gospel.

Well-meaning Christians (and) evangelical activist organizations sunk millions of dollars into them in an effort to use the apparatus of politics—lobbying, legislation, demonstration, and boycott—to counteract the moral decline of American culture.

They pour their energy and other resources into efforts to drum up a “Christian” political movement that will fight back against the prevailing anti-Christian culture.

But is that a proper perspective? I believe not. America’s moral decline is a spiritual problem, not a political one, and its solution is the Gospel, not partisan politics.,” he said.


Righteousness in government will come when Jesus returns

The prophecy of Isaiah about Jesus looks to a future time when Christ will reign over a literal, earthly, geopolitical kingdom that encompasses all the kingdoms and governments of the world (cf. Daniel 2:44; Zechariah 14:9). [GTY]

Isaiah 9:6
For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us, and the government will rest on His shoulders.


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