The true definition of antisemitism

The true definition of antisemitism

1. Antisemitism is a war of religion

For centuries, Jews have been repeatedly taken out of their land, massacred, and discriminated for centuries. Instead of blaming tormentors, they looked out for each other and on God’s promise to return to their homeland.

Today, Israel occupies a tiny portion of “ancient Israel,” yet hatred continues. They’re labeled as relentless land grabbers, perpetuated by left-wing mainstream media, and continually cursed by Muslim leaders who called for their annihilation.

The world’s biggest religions, such as Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians, do not hate Jews. It’s only the radical Muslims and Islamic leaders who call for their relentless eradication. It is a war of religion, where no religion is safe, except for Muslims who call non-Muslims infidels.


2. Antisemitism is a shape-shifting virus

Douglas Murray, a Jewish apologist, Muslim critic, journalist, and political commentator, challenges the mainstream narrative about the Israel-Muslim conflict that has been ongoing since 1948.

Murray critiques the common understanding of anti-Semitism, describing it as a “shape-shifting virus.” He asserts that this form of hatred is not coincidental but is deeply rooted in the desire to annihilate a race due to their religious beliefs.

  • Jews were hated because they were rich and greedy.
  • Lack of assimilation because of their religious belief.
  • Eventually, they were hated for their religion, but when people could no longer hate them for it, they were hated because of their race.
  • When they were almost annihilated and given their state, they were hated for returning to their land.
  • When they retaliated, they were hated for winning.
  • When they welcomed Arabs to become Israeli citizens, they were accused of apartheid.
  • After leaving Gaza in 2005 so Palestinians could create their state, suicide bombers were sent to Israel, and when they defended their citizens, they were hated for responding to a war they did not start.


3. Antisemitism is demonic

Ultimately, Jewish hatred is demonic. It is a war waged by Satan to mock God’s chosen people that culminates in the Battle of Armageddon.

The prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39, Daniel 10:13-14, Zechariah 14:2-3, and Revelation 12:7-9 foretell the imminent war against Israel towards the end times, where its satanic forces are involved.

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