The War Against Children

Seven ways the enemy is waging war against children

1. Emasculating boys

Clinician Psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson claims that “schools are not well adapted to boys” based on his research and observations. He is not alone; others have suggested that the modern education system uses the wrong approach.

These wrong assumptions can be biased and hinder a boy’s natural self-expression and masculinity. Whatever the solution of schools doesn’t seem to work. The epidemic of laziness is evident, especially among male teens.

The fact is boys are being left behind in education. It has also been observed that teachers favor girls in certain areas, making bias evident. Worst, more boys are being diagnosed with conditions like ADHD, possibly misinterpreting their hyperactivity.

These can contribute to the cycle of emasculation that can harm their perception of who they are, ultimately leading to the breakdown of the nuclear family.

Christian author John Eldredge emphasizes the importance of celebrating boys’ manhood. His perspective, outlined in his book “Wild at Heart,” encourages nurturing these qualities to help boys develop into strong, responsible, and authentic men.

However, the rise of ‘progressive educators’ has led to emasculating boys because of “toxic masculinity.”

The growing absence of male role models is also a factor where the predominantly female educator demographic makes decisions that can lead to flawed assumptions about boys.


Gender bias and negative reinforcement

According to a Hillsdale article, the current education system in the United States is designed to favor girls. After all, they tend to be more compliant and cooperative. At the same time, boys are punished for their natural tendencies toward competitiveness and risk-taking.

Most boys are naturally energetic, competitive, and aggressive. But instead of embracing them, the parents are encouraged to seek psychiatrists who, in turn, label them with mental disorders and subject them to drugs.

Since 2003, the number of kids diagnosed with ADHD has been skyrocketing, according to CDC data. “Progressive psychologists” don’t know what’s causing it. However, for other doctors, “boys are just being boys.”

Boys are put on medication for being boys

Psychologist and co-author of ‘Raising Cain’ Michael Thompson said, “Girls’ behavior is the gold standard in school, and boys are treated like defective girls.” Boys are diagnosed with ADHD four times more than females.

According to Dr. Thomas Armstrong of the American Institute for Learning and Human Development, behaving like a boy shouldn’t be a medical disorder.

It shouldn’t be a disorder to behave like a boy.


Gender bias in Asia

Interestingly, gender bias in Asia favors boys over girls. For example, there are large gender gaps in literacy and educational attainment among Indians and Chinese.

In India, the percentage of women working in formal jobs is only around 20%, whereas, in China, job preferences lean toward men. Still, the nuclear family remains intact and more disciplined, and mental illnesses are rare. [WB; HRW; APA]


PragerU calls for educators and policymakers to address the unique needs of boys in education, as the feminization of teaching is causing a decline in boys’ performance in schools.

2. Alienating parents

Culture war between parents and schools

The National Center for Education Statistics survey found that only 46% of parents felt that their child’s school communicated with them effectively. A similar report is shown in the National Parent Teacher Association. [NCES]

Recently, many parents have been protesting against school administrations for failing to notify them about distributing gender education materials to students.

At the onset of the Gender Equality Act of 2021, several public schools endorsed LGBTQIA theme books that contain sexually graphic materials. Most of these books normalize same-sex relationships—and parents had little say.


Parents don’t have the right” – Weingarten

In 2021, prominent teachers union president Randi Weingarten faced backlash for supporting the op-ed, arguing parents don’t have the right to shape kids’ curriculum.

In the same year, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” which Weingarten allegedly endorsed, according to Representative Jordan.

In a House Committee hearing in 2023, Representative Taylor criticized Reingard for advising CDC remote schooling—leading to a surge in suicides, gender dysphoria, and lower literacy.

Weingarten, in a same-sex marriage with another woman, supports an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum, legal abortions, and teaching Critical Race Theory in schools.

California Middle School “Secrecy Policy”

In 2023, a California mom, Jessica Konen won a $100,000 settlement from Spreckels Union School District after Buena Vista Middle School transitioned her 11-year-old daughter, Alicia, without consent. [Washington Stand]

In 2018, Alicia sought counseling due to depression and stress. The school counselor was advised that her issues were linked to not being her “true self.” In short, she was encouraged to “socially transition” into a boy.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Alicia came to terms with the fact that her true identity has always been a girl.

Spreckels Union School District implemented a “Parental Secrecy Policy” at Buena Vista, where staff concealed students’ gender identity confusion from parents.

Discrimination in an American High School

As an immigrant Asian, I worked as a high school substitute teacher and had lunch with my daughter, who also went to the same school. She was having bouts of anxiety, and our quick conversation encouraged her.

Student Services Dean Debra Cartwright noticed what I was doing and forbade me from having lunch with my daughter. She said it was “unprofessional.”

The school psychologist, Kathryn Maday, concurred with Cartwright that, as a parent, my daughter should learn to be emotionally independent and that I should not be talking to her.

Clearly, these administrators see themselves as “experts” who assume they know better. Interestingly, this high school is one of the poorest performing schools in its district, where rampant incidents of wayward students have been in the news for years.

Alienating a parent didn’t stop there; there was also religious discrimination. Satan is working hard to get rid of God.

I asked if I could spend a minute to pray with my daughter, but Cartwright outrightly refused. A second person, Dean John Healy, and its school principal, Dr. John Mensik, reiterated that I could not do that—but I could do so outside the premises.

Studies are clear: Involved parents enhance the social function of children. Schools should be working with parents instead of alienating and discriminating against them. [AECF]

Satan is working hard in THE school SYSTEM.


Alienating parents in all corners

Laws alienate parents

In 2023, California passed a bill removing custody from non-affirming parents. AB 957 and SB 107 effectively prohibit parents from insisting on their (Christian) values to their children.

For example, parents cannot go against a child’s self-identified gender, regardless of their age. Failing to accommodate a child’s gender identity is considered child abuse under this bill. Therefore, the state can remove the child to “protect” them.

Liberals against homeschooling

The Bible commands parents to teach their kids according to the ways of the Lord. In recent years, homeschooling has increased as more Christian parents shield their kids from liberal indoctrination.

The National Education Association (NEA) resolution 2014-15 opposes homeschooling. As Christian parents choose homeschooling, government regulation may hinder teaching, such as creationism instead of evolution and gender identity.

In 2020, a Harvard law professor advocated banning homeschooling, and other experts frowned at the idea of homeschooling.

The rights of parents are being taken away in all corners.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


2. Gender-Affirming Care

The 2021 Gender Affirming Care that includes gender transition through surgical mutilation and puberty blockers for minors is “wrong in the deepest possible sense,” said psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Butchers and liars

Peterson likened doctors and psychotherapists who provide this service to butchers and liars. In the Bible, children were sacrificed by pagan idolaters and subjected to mutilation to appease their gods.

Today, more innocent teenagers are convinced that “body mutilation” is the cure for their homosexual or transgender desire. Medical professional claims it helps lower suicide rates, but other data show the opposite.

A long-term follow-up study on sex-reassigned individuals in Sweden revealed higher risks of mortality, suicide, and psychiatric issues compared to the general population. The research found that sex reassignment alone is insufficient treatment for gender dysphoria. [NCBI]

Peterson further related that the “out of compassion for confused kids” are similar to Nazi propaganda, where holocaust was predicated on compassion.

What they need is psychotherapy,” according to psychiatrist Dr. Mirriam Grossman, and for Christians, what these kids need is Jesus, who alone can transform lives.

Dr. Grossman discreted the gender care narrative in a senate hearing in 2023. She also appeared in a documentary, ‘What is a Woman,’ along with transgender man Scott Newgent, who exposed the lies of gender-affirming care.

Transgender craze in America

Since 2021, public schools in the USA have reinforced woke ideologies, such as gender pronouns. In 2015, schools allowed Drag Queens to entertain kids in public libraries, and in 2021 saw an increase in LGBTQ books, which are essentially “gay porn,” in school libraries.

Gender dysphoria has spiked, as well as teenage girls identifying as lesbians or non-binary. Author Abigael Shrier called it a transgender craze that’s seducing children.

Since the early 2010s, (liberal) psychiatrists have recommended gender transition via puberty blockers and surgery to young kids. Many also claim no adverse side effects of “anti-puberty drugs.”

More confused kids

From 2009 to 2018, over 4,515 percent spike of teenagers seeking “gender transition” in the U.K. alone. Academes and doctors encourage teens to transition. In 2017, school teacher Caryl Ayala from Austin exposed the “gay agenda” in American public schools.

Rejecting the gender narrative

More transgender people have been coming out to expose the lies of Gender Affirming Care.

In 2023, a California teen sued her doctors and Kaiser Permanente for performing a double mastectomy, who convinced her to undergo surgery after her one-time consultation. She was only 13 at that time.

In the same year, trans man Scott Newgent criticized the billion-dollar business of big pharma, “woke psychologists,” and medical doctors who insist that surgical transition and puberty blockers are reversible and the answer to their gender dysphoria.

Controversial Psychiatrist Jordan Peterson has become the strongest voice against “progressive liberal ideology” that are harming children and men.

3. Drag Queen Story Hour

Gay-themed vs. Christian-themed children’s book

In 2015, Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) started in San Francisco, the “poster child of left-liberals.” Today, their unique LGBTQ curriculum tells kids their lifestyle can be embraced without fear or intimidation.

The Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) goes around American public school libraries and reads gay-themed children’s books and the gay alphabet to educate kids about the LGBTQIA lifestyle.

In 2023, the American Library Association appears to block authors of Christian-themed children’s books from touring libraries to read Christian children’s books as an alternative to DQHS.

The American Library Association vs. Brave Books Tour

Hollywood actor and author Kirk Cameron has been touring the U.S. with Christian children’s books. His group wants to offer an alternative to Drag Queen Story Hour and promote traditional God-centered American values.

According to Cameron, the American Library Association (ALA) attempted to block the book tour by denying access to public libraries.

Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Director of ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom, said, “The First Amendment does not require the library to offer reading room spaces. So, this in regard to the Kirk Cameron thing, you (the library) are not obligated to offer public meeting room spaces or invite the public in to use the library,” reported Human Events.

Suddenly, the constitution is cited in order to prevent Christian speakers in libraries, with the exception of Drag Queens.

The Post Millennial reported that ALA was horrified that Cameron was bringing many Christians to the libraries. “When they learned that Cameron and Brave Books are planning a Library Takeover Campaign, a national storytime, asking parents across the country to host book readings at libraries on August 5, they freaked out,” Cameron said.

AG: “Drag Queen for every school”

In 2022, Michigan Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel said that there should be a “Drag Queen for Every School.” Other schools welcome them in career exhibits and suggest that being trans is a career worth pursuing.

Politicians have set the stage to encourage children to embrace their sexual orientations, while some educators have endorsed reading LGBTQ books by middle and high school students.

As of 2023, 1 in 6 young Americans identify as LGBTQ, and there are at least 107 genders.

“Family Friendly” Drag Queen shows

Trans icon RuPaul helped shape the trans culture in the USA. His successful T.V. show ‘Drag Race,’ running since 2009, made being transgender glamorous and a worthy career to emulate. In 2022, President Biden opened the White House to affirm LGBTQIA rights and

The appeal extends to parents who bring their kids to a drag show labeled “family-friendly,” but “There is no such thing as a “family-friendly” drag show,” said PragerU commentator Aldo Buttazzoni. Here are examples:

  • 2019, Minnesota: A seated Drag Queen “Sasha Sota” reads a book to children at a public library with his legs spread open, revealing his crotch to the children sitting in front of him. [Blaze]
  • 2021, LA: A Drag show shows two young children paraded around by a transgender queen and told to collect money during a drag show in Miami, Florida. [Daily Caller]
  • 2022, Texas: DRAG THE KIDS TO PRIDE: ‘A Family Friendly Drag Show’ shows a transgender dancer accepting a cash tip as he dances inside a gay bar where a neon light sign reads, “It’s not gonna lick itself.[Twitter]
  • 2022, Texas: A drag queen lifting her skirt, gyrating, and receiving tips from kids while he lip-synching the song “P—y” by Lady “My p—y good / p—y sweet /p—y good enough to eat…” [N.Y. Post]
  • 2022, Tenessee: At Chattanooga Pride Youth Day, a drag queen dressed as Ariel sang while a young girl patted the crotch area of the drag queen’s costume, and he ignored the curious girl. [Blaze]

Since 2015, an explosion of transgender movies and tours has made their way to families who see them as merely Christmas or Halloween entertainment.

After all, drag shows do feature a mix of hilarious entertainment, dance, and gay acts that can be funny but at the same time gross, immoral, and not suited for kids.


Drag Queens in the Bible

Transgenderism is a pagan practice in the Bible. It is a sinful rebellion against God’s design and order. Women and men turned away from natural relationships and engaged in shameful acts with each other, and those who practice them will face God’s wrath.

A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord, your God, detests anyone who does this.

(Left photo) Public school libraries allow Drag Queens to read “children’s books with LGBTQ+ themes but prevent Christian authors from doing the same thing. (Right photo) “Family-oriented” Drag Queens’ comedic show where children are allowed to attend.

4. Gay cartoons: Children in the frontline

The representation of LGBTQ+ characters in cartoons began in the 1970s, just after prayers were banned in public schools. The first gay cartoon character appeared in an episode of “Josie and the Pussycats,” a cartoon about a rock band.

In 1997, “South Park” included Mr. Garho, who was initially portrayed as a closeted gay man. In later seasons, he undergoes a sex change operation and becomes a woman.

In 2013, “Adventure Time” introduced a character named Princess Bubblegum, who was later revealed to have had a romantic relationship with another female character named Marceline. In 2019, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” had a same-sex couple in the series finale.

Today, gay indoctrination is in Disney movies and cartoons, Nickelodeon, school libraries, and Hollywood—where Satan no longer hides.

In 2022, some schools endorsed the book “Lawn Boy” and “Gender Queer” for teenagers with graphic descriptions of gay sex. It included drawings of masturbation and oral sex between two boys. [List of gay porn in school]

5. Scaring and confusing young people not to marry

In 2022, a Gallup poll showed that 7.1% of the population identifies as gay or bisexual and has no plans to marry. That’s double the percentage from 2012.

Greta Thunberg’s climate scare paints capitalists and industrialists as “evil polluters,” creating fear among children. Some politicians predict an apocalyptic world within a decade. Why bother to marry and start a family?

As a result, more young people cohabitate and don’t have kids, altering the concept of the Biblical nuclear family.

Author Abigael Shrier concludes that “Gender Dyphosria and Critical Race Theory” are tied together. Its end goal is chaos, confusion, and irreversible damage to young children indoctrinated by the demonic left liberals.

Stephen Moore, a fellowship in Economics of Heritage, writes, “Stop Scaring the Children.”


6. Normalizing consensual sex in young people

Normalizing pedophilia

The American Psychiatric Association defines pedophilia as “recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children.” Researchers who study pedophilia are now justifying it as a term to describe an attraction rather than a sexual action.

Regardless of how it’s defined, it exploits children, and left-liberals are justifying it and claiming it’s misunderstood. Even if a person is born with this intense desire, it is nonetheless a nature that is sinful and an abomination before God.

Pro-Pedophilia Law

In 2020, the Democrat state of California passed a ‘pro-pedophilia’ law that removes the ‘felony status’ of an offender.

According to its Senate Floor Analysis, it “exempts a person convicted of nonforcible sodomy with a minor (aka pedophile), oral copulation with a minor, or sexual penetration with a minor, as specified, from having to register as a sex offender automatically.”

In short, consensual sex with minors (a pedophile and a young child) will no longer label the pedophile as a “sex offender.”

Human trafficking soars

2015 is a significant shift in the moral degradation of American society. Same-sex marriage and Drag Queens in public libraries became the norm, as well as an increase in human trafficking.

Research from Polaris shows that reports of human trafficking have increased yearly since 2015. The most recent data from The U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline indicates a 19% increase in reports between 2018 and 2019.

Child pornography spikes

In 2018, over half (51.6%) of active human trafficking cases in the U.S. were sex trafficking cases involving children. Traffickers use social media platforms to recruit and advertise victims, as per anti-trafficking advocates. [Federal Report]

In 2023, the movie “Sound of Freedom” exposed the magnitude of child trafficking in the USA. Interstingly, mainstream media disavowed the film. To date, the U.S. is a major destination and transit hub, with 83% of child trafficking victims being American. [Daily Signal]

Consensual sex grows among younger teens

The demand for consensual sex spiked, and an increasing trend of younger people turning to prostitution or casual free sex. They are driven by the convenience of hooking through mobile apps and the growing acceptance of consensual sex.

Over 50% of U.S. teens have engaged in sexual intercourse by age 18, and streaming platforms like Netflix have exposed young people to content depicting casual sex, explicit language, and gay relationships. [CDC]


7. Gender pronouns

Although the movement to normalize homosexuality in America appears to be a consorted effort by media, television, and Hollywood, it’s the Democrat politicians who set the stage for legitimizing immorality through the Gender Equality Act of 2021.

Within weeks of taking the White House, Biden’s administration introduced gender pronouns on the official White House website for the first time. A selection of preferred genders was incorporated on the Contact Us page. [NBC]

Inspired by the Biden-Harris administration, the war against children progressed in schools that began with gender pronouns and included a long list of gay books for kids to read. Meanwhile, some schools started to open their doors to Satan Club.

The politics of gender pronouns

While the USA has not passed a law to criminalize anyone refusing to respect one’s gender pronouns, Canada has gone ahead in 2021. A Canadian court ruled that deliberate misgendering in the workplace is a human rights violation.

In most conservative states like Florida, the use of gender pronouns in school has been restricted. In contrast, gender ideology flourishes in Democrat states and cities like California, New York, Portland, and Seattle.

American Medical Association

In 2021, the American Medical Association recommended omitting gender labels from birth certificates because babies cannot choose their genders yet.

In 2022, gender pronouns were rolled out in public schools and universities as part of the broader Gender Equality Act of the Biden administration. Teachers are encouraged to instill them in students. [Gay milestones]

The ultimate war on children

Demonic entities no longer hide in America. Recent data show declining church attendance while witchcraft increases among millennials and Gen-Z. [Newsweek]

The bottom line, the war on children is an uphill battle. Salvation will come when Jesus returns, and a final battle will be waged against the enemies of God.

A satirical tongue-in-cheek song, but in truth, they did come for children, at least those kids with woke parents who believe that homosexual behaviors are progressive.
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