The war on boys

war on man

The war against boys and men

Today, boys are encouraged to embrace feminine qualities while discouraging traditional masculinity. We see this influence in TV commercials, Netflix, Hollywood movies, and military and political ideologies. Mothers fall prey to believing medical experts that they should emphasize emotional sensitivity over masculine traits because men are toxic. Hence, the demasculinization of society.

Without real strong men, modern civilization would crumble. Power grids would fail, water systems would collapse, and crucial operations essential for a functioning society, primarily handled by men, would halt.

1. The enemy calls it “toxic masculinity”

The term “toxic masculinity” is credited to Professor Shepherd Bliss in the 1980s as something positive. It emerged in the 1990s when psychologists used it in their research to define violent offenders in prison.

They noticed some men engaged in behavior where they would “step on each other’s toes,” leading to escalations that resulted in extreme acts of violence, such as stabbing one another. Hence, they were toxic men—in prison.

Sneering at Biblical patriarchy

The term later gained popularity in mainstream psychology, especially with the emergence of the Me Too movement in 2006. Since then, it has been used to disavow masculinity and ultimately smear patriarchy in the Bible.

Just like the “Cult of Domesticity,” these terms reframe how God intended men and women that stigmatize the role of men and women according to God’s intention.

As expected, the anti-God neo-feminists and LGBTQIA activists advocate against calling to cancel men by generalizing “evil patriarchy,” toxic masculinity, and demanding a pay gap as if it’s men’s fault they take on riskier and high-paying jobs.

The Bible makes no apologies for patriarchy

The unjust generalizations of toxic masculinity ultimately emasculate men, but in truth, “Biblical masculinity” induces a safe environment that encourages strong men who lead and protects their family.

Men should lead, but naturally, the enemy Satan wants to weaken men, and he begins with the war on children so he can groom boys to be weak while girls grow up fearful of men.

A Rebellious Generation: “Discipline as Toxic”

According to the Bible, a good father disciplines his son. However, the notion of toxic masculinity is redefining certain aspects of fatherly discipline as harmful.

While there are abusive fathers, the younger generation today may perceive discipline as synonymous with toxic parenting because they’ve become increasingly sensitive and entitled.

In 2023, hashtag #ToxicFamily in TikTok had 1.9 billion views. The DailyWire reports that more kids are going “No Contact” and cutting off their parents—often their dads, who they find toxic.

What is happening translates to a breakdown of family and, in turn, society.


2. Feminization of men

Downgrading Physical Education Program

In 1962, President John Kennedy’s “Great National Effort” wanted boys to become strong men and initiated controversial physical training.

In 1966, La Sierra High School adopted the program, which included 16-48 push-ups, 6-18 bar dips, and a 15-second rope climb. The aim is for boys to progressively raise endurance and tolerance through a scaled program. [Art of Manliness]

Although no formal data was recorded then, experts today find a deep connection with the growing number of ADHD students because of weak physical education curricula.

Recent studies show physical activities and sunlight help reduce symptoms of ADHD and boost dopamine in the brain. [Frontiers; John Ratey]

However, physical education has evolved from rigorous gymnastics to walking, stretches, occasional running, and quick ball games. Along with bad eating habits, there has been a tenfold obesity among children.

3. Gender Equality Act

In an attempt for the enemy of God to destroy patriarchy, he has to undermine the role of men in society. It began with legalizing same-sex marriage in 2015 while medical professionals silently transitioned boys to girls through puberty blockers.

Then came the hallmark of President Joe Biden’s accomplishment: The Gender Equality Act of 2021. It effectively silenced conservative Christians who spoke against homosexuality. Christians have officially become a minority, overrun by demonic ideologies.

Since 2015, the presence of drag queens in libraries indoctrinating young children with their lifestyle, along with a long list of LGBTQIA books in public schools and the month-long celebration of homosexuality through the PRIDE March, have contributed to the “feminization of boys”—supported by a growing number of woke companies.

A Gallup survey in 2021 shows that 1 in 6 Gen Z adults are now confused with their gender who identify as LGBTQIA.

Woke companies promote the feminization of boys

In 2019, the concept of alpha males was associated with toxicity, and companies like Gillette released an ad criticizing men for “excusing bad behavior” and presenting traditional masculinity negatively.

The ad depicted men engaging in negative behaviors such as bullying, catcalling, groping women, and violence, as if all men behave this way. Gillette also ran an ad depicting a man teaching his transgender son to shave for the first time.

A year earlier, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) started allowing girls to join, providing them the opportunity to reach the rank of Eagle Scout. At the same time, the Girls Scouts of America (GSA) also decided to accept boys into their once-all-girls organization.

China, alarmed by the feminization of boys

In 2021, China launched an education drive to prevent the feminization of male adolescents. The Ministry of Education urged schools to reform physical education and recruit teachers with sporting backgrounds, such as retired athletes, to foster students’ masculinity.

Football was emphasized explicitly as one of the sports targeted for vigorous development to achieve this goal.

LGBTQ Military

Recent data from a 2022 survey reveals that only 13% of individuals aged 18 to 29 are highly willing to enlist in the military, signaling a decline in recruitment interest among this demographic.

In 2021, the U.S. Army released an ad about Emma with “2 loving moms,” marking a shift towards inclusivity and representation. In 2022, the U.S. Navy hired a ‘drag queen influencer’ to attract young recruits.

Meanwhile, their military campaign recruitment in Russia and China focuses on masculine, solid men.


4. The erosion of traditional gender roles

Renowned Bible teachers John MacArthur and Voddie Baucham express concerns about the erosion of traditional gender roles. They argue that men and women have distinct God-given roles and responsibilities that should be honored and embraced.

Blurring these lines has already led to confusion and the Biblical definition of a nuclear family. For example, different types of language projects pushed to replace the term mothers with “birthing persons” because women and (transgender) men can get pregnant.

Breakdown of a Biblical-based Society

Movies, TV series like “Modern Family,” and public figures like Ricky Martin normalized families with two dads. They have redefined the basic family unit, which is the foundation of a stable society, which has resulted in the following:

  • Gender confusion has led to child abuse through puberty blockers and gender surgeries on minors.
  • Divorce rates are dropping because more couples are now unmarried, which signifies moral decay.
  • Militant LGBTQIA persecutes those who disagree with them, which has led to the massacre of Christians and legal action.

Glaring inequity: Men take on “toxic jobs”

Today’s liberal culture unfairly redefined masculinity as toxic. Yes, it’s the men who dominate positions of power in society, including political offices. However, they also disproportionately occupy the most hazardous and unglamorous roles.

It’s not OK to be a man: It’s necessary

From a Christian and conservative perspective, traditional masculinity that “seeks to protect” should be upheld and celebrated rather than stigmatized.

The men also tackle the unappealing and demanding work that women often overlook, which cannot be equalized. Dr. Peterson says, “It’s not OK; it’s necessary to be a man.”

It is a natural order established by God because God created men and women with distinct and sometimes opposing characters necessary for civilization to thrive on earth.


5. The devaluation of fatherhood

Dr. Voddie Baucham emphasizes the devaluation of fatherhood as a significant factor in the war on men. He argues that society has undermined the crucial role of fathers in raising children and shaping their worldview.

Statistics show the absence of strong, masculine role models has led to a generation of young men struggling to find their purpose and identity.

This leads to broken homes, and fatherlessness is a critical factor in children going wayward; the lack of fatherhood oils the cycle of poverty, poor academic outcomes, unemployment, and drug abuse that ultimately destroys a society.


Absentee fathers and bad parenting weaken society. Satan knows that reducing strong men to a pulp will negatively impact his family and the community. The result is chaos and a godless society.
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