The War Against Women

war on woman

Five Ways the radical left ideologues wage war against Women

In the last few years, biological men who identify as women have been taking the place of natural women. In 2015, a man was named the “Woman of the Year” and the “Women of Courage” award.

In 2021, a biological male was appointed as a high-ranking woman in the White House. The following year, a biological male was named “Woman’s Swimmer of the Year” at NCAA, and another biological male won Best Actress at the Golden Globe.

In 2023, a biological male makes tens of thousands of dollars as the “face of womanhood” for Nike women’s line, Tampax, and women’s fashion Kate Spade. Meanwhile, America raises the PRIDE flag in all government edifices, and the nation celebrates it for one month while Mother’s Day remains a one-day celebration.


1. It began with the all-gender bathroom

The assault on womanhood began in the bathroom. Lawmakers, school administrators, and teachers opened the doors of women’s lockers and bathrooms for males, all in the spirit of gender equality.

In 2021, a school district policy allowed biological males (trans women) to use women’s bathrooms in Louden County, Virginia, and a girl was assaulted. To cover it up, they moved the “trans girl” to another school, where he did it again. [NR]

In Irvine, California, a trans student entered a women’s locker room and flashed his genitals to the girls inside. When they confronted him, he mercilessly beat them. [WPDE]

Similar things have happened in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and Oklahoma City, Ohio. It should also be noted that in each of these cases. Each of these perpetrators had either changed their gender pronouns And how to undergo transition or had received gender-affirming therapy.

Putting women in harm’s way

In 2023, an infamous triple murderer who claims he is a woman landed in a California state women’s prison. Dana Rivers (David Warfield) murdered a lesbian couple and their 19-year-old son in 2016.

The increasing number of trans women in women’s prison have resulted in bullying and rape. California alone has seen numerous transfer requests from male-to-female trans prisoners, with legal action initiated against the state’s prison system over a 2020 law.

2. Reducing the value of womanhood

Around 2021, the “progressive left” canceled various pronouns and labels because they argued it’s heteronormative. First, they reduced women’s worth to gender identity and societal constructs.

Militant LGBTQiA referred to biological women as “birthing persons.” In 2023, the Language Project, composed mostly of Ph.D. women, advocates for calling them the “egg-producing gender.” Along with it were new gender pronouns to rids “she” and “he.”

Replacing words like “women” and “mothers” with terms like “birth-givers” and “pregnant people” in research risks dehumanizing women and would harm decades of work to improve the visibility of women in medical literature, according to an international group of women’s health experts.

Gender-inclusive language, which often focuses on body parts or physiological processes, can cause an “othering” effect. Removing references to mothers’ sex may diminish women’s visibility in medical research and jeopardize their autonomy. [The Hill]

With these semantics, the value of womanhood seems reduced to a birthing person.

3. Trans man athletes invade women’s space

The year 2015 marked the LGBTQIA milestone in America. Biological men can now compete with natural women, regardless of physical abilities.

Born male, Rachel McKinnon made history by becoming the first transgender person to win world championships in women’s cycling in 2018 and 2019.

Then came other transgender women in various sports events and Olympic competitions, which were once exclusive to biological women. Today, more “biological women” have criticized the woke phenomenon, while Mckinnon calls it her “human rights.”

It has led to firing teachers and punishing students who advocate against allowing biological boys into women’s lockers, rooted in a Luciferian gender ideology.

Riley Gaines’ testimony at the Senate

Riley Gaines, a former University of Kentucky swimmer, shared her traumatic experience when the NCAA forced female swimmers to compete against a biological male, Leah Thomas.

Thomas dominated the women’s division, and female athletes were forced to share a locker room with him, causing discomfort and trauma. Riley highlighted how this policy contradicted Title IX and negatively impacted female athletes.

Another swimmer, Paula Scanlan, expressed her trauma and said: “We were told that Lia swimming and being in our locker room was a non-negotiable, and we were offered psychological services to attempt to reeducate us to become comfortable with the idea of undressing in front of a male.”

In the same year, high school track star Chelsea Mitchell and three other athletes sued the state of Connecticut for allowing trans women to compete with biological girls in women’s sports.

4. Redefining Beauty: Erasing women

“Progressive liberals” are reshaping women’s beauty standards by promoting inclusivity, body positivity, and challenging traditional norms, embracing diverse body types and celebrating individual uniqueness. However, it also mocks how God designed women.

Since 2021, the Democrat’s call for Gender Equality emboldened LGBTQ and neo-feminists to redefine standards of women’s beauty. In 2023, Dylan Mulvaney was the straw that broke the Camel’s back.

Celebrated by the left, she got huge endorsement deals from woke companies that began with documenting her “girlhood.” However, she faced backlash from conservative and biological women and men who felt disgusted over her Bud Light endorsement.

Amala Ekpunova described Mulvaney as a very sexist and misogynistic caricature of womanhood, while Candace Owens called him a “pitiful clown.”

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but some see the new standard of beauty by transgender males as a mockery of women.

According to former “progressives” Amala Ekpunobi and Candace Owens, the left erases women. For conservative Jew Dennis Prager, “Everything the Left touches ruins,” and for politician Ted Cruz, he claims “the Left hates America.”

5. Erasure of women

The Miss America organization recently crowned its first transgender winner, Brian Nguyen, in the Miss Greater Dairy beauty pageant. It broke tradition and allowed a biological and overweight man who identifies as a woman to win the pageant.

In 2023, history was made with Rikkie Valerie Kolle as the first trans woman crowned Miss Netherlands for the first time.

Clearly, the standards of beauty are being redefined.

But deeper than their woke awakening is the erasure of women, according to conservative activist Candace Owens. The historic event is literary erasing women—in a women’s beauty pageant. Critics argue that it mocks and diminishes the significance of being a woman.

The decision has also raised questions about fairness, as scholarship opportunities for women are now awarded to transgender individuals.

Women are valuable pillars of society

It’s the women who endure the physical and emotional challenges that come with it. It’s the women who have to give birth and experience the pain of the menstruation cycle, menopause, and other unique challenges that men do not have. When a woman becomes a mother, she takes on the responsibility of caring for many things.

However, women’s space today is being replaced by men, and feminists are silent.

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