The year Christians became a minority in America

Shift in Demographics: Christians Now a Minority in America

In 2021, Christians became a minority in the United States when the government weaponized gender ideology. Conservative Christians were ostracized, criminalized, or discriminated against for holding on to their faith tradition. In other words, the Christian voice became nugatory in a world dominated by far-left-liberal ideology.

1960s: First, prayers were banned

The mid-17th century saw America’s education system established with a strong influence of Christian values and Biblical morals. Colonists saw education as a means to promote Christian virtues such as reading the Bible and praying. God’s spirit moved through the first and second great awakenings.

In the early 1900s, Christian revivals flourished across America as God’s spirit moved to establish mission work and churches that would later define American Christianity. However, the landscape changed after two world wars, marking the end of the Gilded Age and ushering in the Age of Aquarius in the 1960s.

After World War I, modernists moved to ban teaching evolution to eliminate God in the school system. After World War II, militant feminist Madalyn Murray O’Hair was the figurehead that banned prayers and Bible reading in public schools in 1962.

She founded the American Atheists in 1963 and famously said, “Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer,” which satirized those who prayed against it. The ban appears to be a victory for atheists, but it has set the motion for something more sinister.

The ban set the motion for something more sinister.

According to Madalyn’s son William J. Murray, who later became a Christian, the Netflix movie is ‘full of errors.’ He also said that his mother’s hatred for God, capitalism, and love for Marxism were the reason for banning prayers.

2015: The start of something big!

Legalizing the gay lifestyle

Gay rights in the USA gained traction in 1973 when the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed it from the list of mental illnesses. In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutional rights of individuals to practice, express, or validate same-sex relationships through state-recognized gay marriage.

In the same year, Glamour magazine awarded Caitlyn Jenner “Woman of the Year” and received the Arthur Ashe ‘Courage Award.’ Since then, how we look at women is no longer based on biology but on feelings and self-identity. The Drag Queen Story Hour was also founded in the same year. Henceforth, the “transgender craze” has become a global trend.

In the years that followed, LBGTQIA advocates would dominate women’s space in beauty pageants, women’s sports, and the concept of motherhood and fatherhood.

Redefining marriage to include same-sex unions has led to criminal charges for Christians who refuse service or admit same-sex couples due to their beliefs.

2020: Social justice is weaponized

In 2019, Climate Change policies gained traction that will drastically affect the economy and be weaponized to persecute Christians in the coming years.

In the meantime, LGBTQ+ rights and privilege began the rapid ascent and dislodged what was once considered immoral into something beautiful and righteous. Then, the pandemic quietly ushered in a new era for left-liberal ideology.

Rise of the atheist group: Black Lives Matter

In 2020, the rise of the Marxist atheist group Black Lives Matter aligned with social justice reforms justified subversion. Three years later, in 2023, the rampant looting in Democrat cities resulted in a significant mass exodus of people.

Although mass gatherings were prohibited, Black protests and looting were widely justified by Democrat states like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago. Meanwhile, churches were fined, and pastors went to jail for gathering with social distancing and wearing masks.

The pandemic ushered a new era for left ideology.

2021, The Gender Equality Act

Compelled speech and infringement

The Gender Equality Act of 2021 was a positive step toward greater inclusivity and equality, but it’s also a démarche to silence conservative Christians once and for all.

Immediately after President Joe Biden took office, the White House added additional gender pronouns to the website. Two years into his term, Biden welcomed the LGBTQ+ community to the White House and flew the PRIDE flag as literally the centerpiece of his accomplishment.

Gender Equality of 2021 also sought the legitimization of what conservative Christians deemed immoral. Policies were set to elevate LGBTQIA rights as a priority of the Biden administration, along with open borders and Climate Change policies.

However, the new directives also became a political tool to punish those who disagree, spreading fear and what is essentially compelled speech and infringement of religious freedom.

Legitimizing sin

Today, abortion clinics have been institutionalized. The PRIDE March had spread globally, and the sinful gay lifestyle has been normalized. It was also the beginning of normalizing adultery, pedophilia, and child abuse under the guise of gender-affirming care.

In short, self-worship became dominant, significantly deviating from traditional divine values.

Outrage to those who disagree

The outrage towards Christians who disagree with the gender narrative is “You can’t offend me, but I’ll offend you. I embrace sin and oppose those who challenge it.” This mentality is born out of self-glorification and truth relativism fueled by Hollywood, mainstream media, social media, and far-left politicians.

Persecution of THOSE who speak against sin.

The proposed Equality Act (HR 5) may penalize dissenters, raising concerns about individual rights. Examples from Georgia, Alaska, and Philadelphia highlight challenges related to gender identity laws. Critics fear it threatens personal freedoms.

Self-glorification and truth relativism in modern America

In 2023, we began to see how schools and state laws embraced LGBTQIA rights, climate change fear, wilful abortion, and duplicitous race theories. All these can be summed into idolatry, where God has no place.

Today, people seek to please themselves rather than God—which is self-idolatry. They flaunt their sin and mock God. But amid what they call “progressive change” is the persecution of conservative Christians who speak against sin, which they call human rights.

With the steady decline of church membership, 2021 ushers a new age where Christianity has become a minority in America.

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  1. Reading and understanding all the stuff, makes one thing clear that the coming of Jesus is very near and the End of the world is a reality.


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