3 Simple Logic Proves the Bible is God’s Words

Reason #1. Written by various witnesses

The Bible is a collection of several books and letters. Disparate characters wrote it. For example, Moses was a shepherd, Isaiah a prophet, Ezra, a priest, Matthew, a tax collector, John, a fisherman, Paul, a tentmaker, and Luke, a physician.

It’s impossible to collaborate a story and knit them to create consistent and reliable written work. The Bible has been handed down through hundreds of years, yet when the modern Bible compared to the earliest copies found in the Dead Sea Scroll, they differ in the minor details, mostly typographical errors.

In the New Testament, the Apostles who wrote parts of it died a painful death. They were either lunatic or died for the truth. It is difficult to perpetuate a lie.

  • Old Testament was written between 1500 BC (Moses) to 450 BC (Malachi) or about 1,000 years. Maintaining the accuracy of a written work for more than a thousand-year is impossible.
  • New Testament, written from 1 A.D. (Matthew) to 95 A.D. (John).
  • Apostle Paul contributed about half of the N.T.

→ Historical timeline of Bible translation.

Reason #2. The reality of Satan

Are you scared of the dark? Like someone is watching you or telling you depressing things like hate, sadness, or suicide. The Bible tells us Satan is real and has the power to influence.

The testimony atheists and Satanists who became Christians

John Ramirez was a warlock. He grew up in a family of witches. He became a warlock and had several personal encounters with the devil himself. When he became a Christian, the demons tried to kill him, but God didn’t allow it.

Alice Cooper, the shock-rock megastar makes Marilyn Manson look like a choir boy. Popular in the 1970s, he was into sex and drugs. Cooper was notorious for his demonic makeup and macabre theatrics. He became a Christian and his life took a new spin.

→ Stories of Christian testimonies.

Reason #3. Changed lives

How can a person’s life be transformed by reading an ancient collection of books and letters? Yet the Bible has accomplished its intention, to proclaim God’s lovingkindness and transform the lives of individuals.

The Apostle Paul testifies to that transformation. Before becoming a follower of Christ, Paul persecuted Christians. He killed and literary terrorized them that a mere mention of his name brought chills. (Acts 9:1; Philippians 3:6; Galatians 1:14)

After his personal encounter with Jesus, his life was instantaneously transformed, and immediately began proclaiming God’s love and offer of salvation. Interestingly, life wasn’t kind to Paul yet he persevered and proclaimed God’s message until he died.

The Bible is filled with honest characters such as sinners and evil tax collectors whose lives later transformed and became witnesses to God’s salvation. If it were a cult whose intention is to deceive people, it wouldn’t be this honest.

Proof that proves the Bible is God’s words.
The historical Jesus.
Why is Jesus called the Lamb of God?

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