Tim Tebow marries Miss Universe

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Tim Tebow found his God’s best, marries Demi-Leigh

Tim Tebow is one of America’s best NFL players. He is also a motivational speaker, broadcaster, and book author. His parents were missionaries in the Philippines where he was also born. Doctors said his mom would have a difficult pregnancy and it was best if Tim was aborted.

From the onset, Satan wanted to get rid of him. Despite Tebow’s efforts to help the poor and be an example of right living, he was frowned at for his “tebowing” (different from Colin Kaepernick’s political stint), and stand on “marriage before sex.” Satan tried to discourage him many times, but he kept the faith.

Nel-Peters diamond
Tim Tebow proposed with a show-stopping 7.25-carat diamond ring, a few months after they dated.

Praying for “the one

At 32, Tim is arguably the world’s most famous virgin. He lost that title on January 10, 2020, when he married the 24 years old Miss Universe 2017, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. They were engaged for a year.

Tim Tebow prayed hard for “the one.” He was looking for someone with a strong Christian faith. “I’m looking, but I just can’t seem to find anyone,he said in 2017 or so he thought. That same year, he met Demi-Leigh. Tebow and Nel-Peters are both Bible-believing Christians.

Blessed are those who wait on the LORD! – ISAIAH 30:18

tim tebow hospital
Tim’s parents were Christian missionaries in the Philippines where he was also born on August 14, 1987. He founded the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao.

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Seven things we can learn from Tim Tebow

Marrying his “God’s Best” was the second most important decision Tebow made in his life. The first was committing his life to serve Jesus. It wasn’t easy, he faced constant temptations but these practical steps helped him as a bachelor:

  1. His parents constantly prayed for him.
  2. His parents were his spiritual and moral example.
  3. He memorized plenty of scriptures.
  4. He chose his friends who he also had accountability with.
  5. He limited going to places where there are temptations.
  6. He’d turn off his TV and avoided trash movies and music.
  7. He stuck to his daily routine, starting the day with God’s words
christian sports
Tim with World Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao sharing their faith as born again Christians.

In his book Through My Eyes, Tebow shared his struggles while in the book “Shaken,” he relates how our true identity in Christ can help us conquer life’s storms. His last book, This is the Day, aims to ignite your passion in life and part of that is meeting the “right one.”



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