Biological boys compete in all-girls sports

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Transgender boys allowed to compete with girls in school sports

Any biological male who claims to be a female transgender can now compete alongside biological girls in schools and actually win. In fact, transgenders have such a strong voice that they reject basic science and push for idiotic ideologies that say, they’re actually biological females.

Extreme Left Democrats in the USA proposed a bill that “will be the end of girl’s and women’s only sports,” says Duke Professor of Law, Doriane Coleman. A male who “self-identifies” as a female can join girls or women’s sports in public school. Leftists ideology have ruined the definition of sex. If the law is passed, anyone who disagrees will not only be labeled as a bigot but can face criminal offense. (Heritage Foundation)

Fair to gays but unfair to biological girls

Women’s rights groups are demanding action to stop biological male athletes from competing against biological women. It has become common for transgenders to compete and win because of obvious physiological advantage over women. The latest example was weightlifter Laurel Hubbard who won because he said he is a “she.”

In a Connecticut High School, a transgender teen won the state open indoor track championships. Terry Miller who is a biological male had the physiological advantage of a man, yet competed with girls because he feels like a girl.

Likewise, a bronze medalist lost a world-championship cycling race to a Canadian transgender. “First transgender woman world champion…ever,” proudly said Rachel McKinnon, a biological male who insists he is a woman. The list continues to grow.

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