Biological boys compete in all-girls sports

Transgender boys allowed to compete with girls in school sports

Any biological male who claims to be a female trans person can now compete alongside “biological girls” in schools and win. Many trans people reject basic science and push a new gender right, which really is an “idiotic ideology.”

Far-Left Democrats in the USA proposed a bill that “will be the end of girls and women’s only sports,” says Duke Professor of Law Doriane Coleman. A male who “self-identifies” as a female can join girls’ or women’s sports in public school.

Far-left liberal ideology ruined the definition of sex. If the law is passed, anyone who disagrees is liable for a criminal offense. [Heritage Foundation]

Equality Act: An end to women’s sports.

Fair to gays but unfair to biological girls

Women’s rights groups are demanding action to stop transgender females from joining women’s sports. As a result, weightlifters like Laurel Hubbard won against real biological women because of their natural physique.

In a Connecticut High School, a transgender teen won the state open indoor track championships. Terry Miller, who is a biological male, had a clear advantage. He was allowed to compete for merely saying he “feels” like a girl.

Likewise, a bronze medalist lost a world championship cycling race to a Canadian transgender female. “First transgender woman world champion…ever,” proudly said Rachel McKinnon, a biological male who insists he is a woman. The list continues to grow.

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