Biological boys compete in all-girls sports

Transgender boys allowed to compete with girls in school sports

In the USA, a biological male who claims to be a female or a “trans woman” or “trans girl” can compete alongside “biological girls” in schools and actually win. Basically, instead of science, it’s orientation that defines their gender.

The new phenomenon of gender equality in the USA legitimizes immorality that leads to Christian persecution. It is not only an “idiotic ideology” but a “demonic ideology” to mock God’s intended design.

Far-Left Democrats bills that enables trans women to mix with biological women “will be the end of girls and women’s only sports,” says Duke Law Professor, Doriane Coleman.

Clearly a demonic influence, militant LGBTQi have ruined the definition of gender. If it becomes a federal law, anyone who disagrees is liable for a criminal offense. The bottom line, it is fair to gays, who represent a fraction of society, but unfair to biological girls. [Heritage Foundation]

Equality Act: An end to women’s sports.

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