True stories of life after death

True stories of life after death experience

Eight-year-old Landon

Eight-year-old Landon and his parents were driving home from church when their car was crushed in a car crash. Landon’s dad died at the scene, and so did Landon twice. He was brought back to life and told his mother about his miraculous experience.

Four years old boy, Colton Burpo

Heaven is for Real is a book turned into a movie in 2014 about the story of the young Colton Burpo. A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back.” Colton survived emergency surgery, and over the next few months, he began to talk about what he experienced.

Charlotte Holmes, dead for 11 minutes

Charlotte Holmes, was clinically dead for 11 minutes. She recalls seeing her lifeless body and then going to heaven, where she was led by angels. In heaven, there’s no fear but only pure joy, she said.

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