Growing Acceptance of Overt and Covert Satanist Organization

Satanism in America

The beginning of modern Satanism is generally attributed to the late-1960s. The three major trends within the movement are theistic or religious Satanism, atheistic or philosophical Satanism, and reactive or adolescent Satanism. [Gospel Coalition]

Atheistic and Rational Satanism:
Church of Satan

They deny the existence of God. Satan, for them, is a symbolic adversary of religion and morality. As Time magazine wrote in 1972, “They invoke Satan not as a supernatural being, but as a symbol of man’s self-gratifying ego, which is what they really worship.”

The most popular atheistic satanist is Anton LeVay. He founded the Church of Satan in 1966. This era could be considered the renaissance of demonic influence in the west. Celebrities like Jane Mansfield, Sammy Davis Jr. openly showed their affiliations with Satanists.

Magister Dr. Robert Johnson, aka Hef With Horns, referred to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner as his personal beacon for more than half a century. He honored Hugh in a Memoriam on the Church of Satan’s website.

→ Closing the door on Demonic strongholds.

The Satanic Temple

This is a different organization from that of Anton LaVey’s COS. The Satanic Temple (TST) was established in 2013 and has overtaken LaVey’s “Church of Satan” in terms of popularity.

TST is focused on putting their images on public display and mocking the Nativity scenes and Ten Commandments on public property; in the principles of equality and diversity. Despite their focus on political activism, TST claims they are a religious group.

Satanic influence of far-left liberals.

Theistic Satanism:
Order of Nine Angels

For them, Satan is a “dark force” that can influence human beings who would worship or align with him. The Order of Nine Angels (ONA) surfaced in the 1960s in the UK. They strive to become “one” with Satan or the “dark forces” to create highly evolved individuals.

ONA describes their occultism as “traditional Satanism” and “mystical sinisterly-numinous tradition.” They are labeled as a British neo-Nazi Satanist and ultra-right group.

Demonic forces behind climate change.

Esoteric Satanism:
Temple of Set

A kind of “theistic Satanism,” they recognize the existence of supernatural beings. The major god viewed as a father or older brother is often called Satan. Other groups identify it as a version of the ancient Egyptian god Seth or Set.

In 1974, Michael Aquino, a member of the Church of Satan, and Lilith Sinclair, group leader, broke away from the Church of Satan on philosophical grounds and formed the Temple of Set.

What Satan can and cannot do.

Other types of Satanism

Luciferianism – A denomination combines elements of atheistic rational and theistic forms.

Anti-Cosmic Satanism – Also known as Chaos-Gnosticism, they believe that the cosmic order that was created by God is a fabrication and behind that reality is endless and formless chaos.

Groups Vexior 21B and Jon Nodtveidt of the Black Metal band Dissection are nihilists who would prefer that the world return to its normal state of confusion.

Transcendental Satanism – They seek a form of spiritual evolution, with each individual’s end goal a reunification with his or her inner Satanic aspect. Their Satanic point in life is a hidden part, and they can find their way to that self by following a path.

Demonolatry – It is the worship of demons as a force or energy used to aid rituals or magic. There are over 200 demons from a multitude of different religions, ancient and modern.

Satanic Reds – They view Satan as a dark force that has existed since the beginning of time. The “Reds” is an explicit reference to socialism.

Christian-Based Duotheism and Polytheistic Satanism – They accept an on-going war between the Christian God and Satan, but unlike Christians, they choose to side with Satan. Their belief is based on ancient Zoroastrian views on the eternal conflict between good and evil.

The Process Church of the Final Judgement – Established in London in the 1960s by two people rejected by the Church of Scientology. Their practice is based on a pantheon of four gods known as the Great Gods of the Universe, namely Jehovah, Lucifer, Satan, and Christ, and none is evil.

Kinds of modern atheist.

Hollywood’s own Satanic following

Hollywood was plagued with rumors of covert demonic followers like the Illuminati. Allegedly, a deep-satanic group was involved in a panoply of pedophilia and sexual scandal.

There’s also soul-selling and sacrifice, according to Artnet’s interpretation of the Out of Shadows documentary.

Out of Shadows exposes a conspiracy about an alliance of government, media, and the occult by Satanists. It also touches on Marina Abramović’s role as extending far beyond “evil dinner parties,” referring to the notorious L.A. MOCA Gala that Abramović organized.

L.A.’s MOCA Gala

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), is an annual donor gala. The controversial theme in 2011 involved naked women as human centerpieces for wealthy guests.

Naked humans-like lying on the table are fondant cakes. The host thrust a knife, sever the human form, and serve it as dessert.

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

LA MOCA Gala in 2011.

Intellectual atheist scientists became Christians

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