SM Mall, Ateneo installs ‘All-Gender Restroom,’ what’s next?

SM Mall, ADMU install all-gender bathrooms

Transwoman Gretchen Custodio Diez wasn’t allowed to use the public toilet for females at SM Mall. She cried foul and liberal politicians joined the ride. Months after, the mall began installing an “all-gender bathroom,” to support gender diversity. ADMU did the same and it’s good for everyone involved. However, if the “victim card” false squarely on the wrong hands, Filipino values will eventually suffer.

Filipinos have no problem with diversity. We’ve embraced gay transgenders on TV and hailed many as “celebrity stars.” Comedian Dolphy Quizon wasn’t even gay in real life, yet we laugh hard at his gay impersonations. Point is, Pinoys are not homophobic. However, tides have turned when Diez claimed “victimized.” In the USA, laws actually protect “victimization.”

Equality and diversity is a satanic ideology

Entitlement, victimization, and microaggression creeping

The enemy Satan wants victimhood to look good. Ironically, an agnostic like Philosopher Ayn Rand rebukes it this way, “victimhood is power; the power to silence anyone who disagrees.” Collectivism grouped people into classes so it can hit one against the other, victimhood is a similar ideology of people who turns “grief” into “grievance,” and someone eventually pays for it.

Like the transgender who was refused to use the male bathroom, Gretchen cries for justice. It’s microaggression and people who cry “victim” have to find someone to resent, blame, and pay for their grievances. The problem is, who should give in?

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Victimhood is power; the power to silence anyone who disagrees

Drag Queens and transgender teach LGBTQ lessons.

Who will pay for victimhood?

PWDs berated Senator Villar when she suggested that PWD toilets should accommodate transgenders like Diez. Recently, transgender activists demanded that a feminine napkin with a “female” symbol be removed, the company caved in. What’s next? If this ideology falls on the wrong hand, Filipino values and tradition will eventually pay for it.

Victimhood in the USA

For now, rich people like the Sy family have the resources to accommodate the grievances of “small groups” like the LGBTQ. In the USA, the envelope has been pushed so hard that conservative Christians are paying for gay and transgender rights. Their values have been shoved to their throat and ridiculous political policies have been in place to silence Christians. It all started with a “victim”.

Conservative vs. Leftist-liberal views

Satan wants to turn conservative values upside down. The only way to win is to have more people believe in conservative Filipino values that are rooted in Biblical morals. Clearly, victimization is the handy work of the enemy (John 10:10), don’t be fooled by liberal policies.

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