What the Bible say about “Stay woke”

Five perspectives on “Woke” in light of the scriptures

1. The Bible is against injustice and inequality

“Oppressing the poor to enrich oneself and giving to the rich leads only to poverty.”

“Learn to do what is good. Seek justice. Correct the oppressor. Defend the rights of the fatherless. Plead the widow’s cause.”

“Speak up for those who have no voice, for the justice of all who are dispossessed. Speak up, judge righteously, and defend the cause of the oppressed and needy.”

2. Woke ideology brings harm to Christians

Stay woke,” a phrase popularized by Black Americans. It denotes vigilance on social injustices, systemic racism, and inequality. While these issues are echoed in the scriptures, Satan uses them to justify Christian persecution.

In 2021, woke became the buzzword for cultural appropriation, religious conservativism, and upholding LGBTQIA rights—weaponized by the Gender Equality Act. However, critics point out that it has also evolved into virtue signaling that punishes those “not woke.”

In short, being woke is a pernicious ideology that brings harm and persecution to conservative Christians.

3. Wokeness has nothing to do with Biblical justice and equality

Christians are tasked to help the helpless, be the voice of the voiceless, and to disciple others. But these have nothing to do with anti-government protests, political activism, or wokeness.

Jesus was aware of social issues in His time, but He never spoke against the evil Roman government or encouraged His disciples to “stay woke.” Keep in mind that God has an appointed day to extinguish evil and injustice.

Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.

4. Woke ideology is destructive to a godly society

CRT means being born white is inherently racist

Being born white inherently makes one racist, as taught to young people, but the Bible says that everyone’s race is equal in God’s eyes.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) from the woke left suggests white people are irredeemably racist. But conservatives see CRT as a political agenda threatening American values.

When CRT was rolled out in schools, the woke mob canceled Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Winston Churchill.

“There is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”


Destructive protest and looting are wrong

During COVID-19 lockdowns, “woke protests” were welcomed without masks and in mass gatherings. But churches that gathered with safety protocols were prohibited; some pastors were imprisoned. Jesus never encouraged protests, especially against the government.

When the BLM group began looting and destroying properties, mainstream media was quick to pardon them. While certain evangelical Christians justified it as a form of “Black reparation.”

ROMANS 13:1-2
“Everyone must submit to governing authorities. All authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.”


Black reparation is injustice

Although slavery in America happened nearly two centuries ago, some of their descendants demanded compensation. But to require payment from those who had nothing to do with slavery is unfair, an injustice by itself.

The Bible instructs everyone to work hard for themselves and take personal responsibility, the reason others see reparation as nothing more than legal extortion to satisfy those who want free money. [Woke Wheaton]

So that you may walk properly before outsiders and be dependent on no one.


5. The root of Gender Woke is demonic

The definition of “stay woke” has expanded to force LGBTQ rights in society. These include compelled speech, where students are groomed to use gender pronouns. It also punishes Christians who believe the gay lifestyle is a sin.

Tucked under the political banner of “Gender Equality,” Christians have been criminalized for refusing services to accommodate the gay lifestyle.

Gender Woke is also indoctrinating young kids into opening themselves up to a potential gay life.

For instance, the Drag Queen Story Hour teaches kids “gay alphabets” and gay books for K12 reading, but Christian authors were banned in libraries. Along with PRIDE Month and gender pronouns that promote sin, gender-woke ideology legitimizes immorality.

ROMANS 1:26-27
God gave them over to shameful lusts. Women had unnatural sex with other women.

Similarly, men abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another.

Men had shameful acts with each other and were punished for their actions.


“Stay Woke” means to be vigilant on social injustices, systemic racism, and all forms of inequality.

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