What happens to people who mock God

People who mocked God

Megan Rapinoe: The woke icon in women’s sports

Women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe became the woke icon in women’s sports in 2016. She is a political activist known for supporting ‘trans inclusion’ in girls’ sports, being a lesbian.

In 2021, Rapinoe mocked God in a provocative statement by displaying a clutch bag at the Met Gala that read “In Gay We Trust.”

In 2023, during the FIFA World Cup opener against Vietnam, some USWNT players chose not to sing the national anthem twice. In contrast, other American players expressed their patriotism by placing their hands on their chests.”

American journalist Megyn Kelly believes Rapinoe was the mastermind behind the move to ignore the national anthem, “She’s (Rapinoe) poisoned the entire team against the country for which they play,” she said.

In the same year, Rapinoe’s World Cup journey “ended in tears” as the US Women’s National Team suffered an early exit after a heartbreaking loss to Sweden in a penalty shootout.

CNN Host, Don Lemon

Leading CNN host Don Lemon and other co-hosts are known for his anti-Trump, anti-conservative, and anti-Christian rhetoric and support for left-liberal ideology.

In 2020, he was honored by the Human Rights Campaign for advocating LGBTQ rights. However, Lemon has also been criticized for his alleged misogyny, diva-like proud behavior.[PageSix]

  1. Don Lemon criticized conservative Christian views on homosexuality and same-sex marriage.
  2. Don Lemon implied that prayer is not always the solution to problems.
  3. Don Lemon argued that Christians should be more accepting.
  4. Don Lemon claimed that the Bible should not be taken literally.

In 2023, CNN fired Lemon after working in the network for 17 years as his viewers shrunk.

Comedian Heather McDonald

In 2022, Heather McDonald made a distasteful joke about Jesus as she criticized anti-vaxers. For unknown reasons, she collapses in front of her audience.

CNN Host Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo was one of the prominent hosts on CNN, known for his show “Cuomo Prime Time.” It was the most-watched show on CNN, with 2 million viewers. He was a darling of left-liberals who enjoyed watching him lambast Donald Trump and other conservative figures.

In 2015, Cuomo called Republican senator Marco Rubio, a Catholic, a “Bible boy.” Ultimately, Cuomo mocked the Christian faith and Jesus, whose name was dragged. [CBN]

A pawn of left-liberal ideology who panders to abortion, LGBTQ rights, and climate change, Chris seemed invincible. But on December 4th, 2021, CNN fired Chris Cuomo due to his involvement in his brother’s defense against sexual harassment allegations.

Months after he was fired, Cuomo was reduced to a host in a fledging cable news outlet. In 2021, the outlet had a primetime average audience of 46,000 viewers. [AP]

Comedian Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin made a controversial statement at the 2007 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards by mocking religion and saying, “suck it, Jesus.”

Years after, Griffin’s career thrived, receiving multiple awards, but soon faced backlash over her distasteful stints. She lost friends and gigs. In 2017, she was diagnosed with lung cancer, which affected her voice, which is crucial for her career.

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