What Perkins Twins did will spare you the trouble

J15 Team met with the Perkins Twins and they shared how they manage to stay fit physically and fit for the Lord! What they said was really inspiring for the Millenials and Generation Z to hear.

What we can learn from the Perkins Twins

The Perkins Twins were homeschooled and raised in a loving Christian home. Their American father, Tarny, and Filipina mom ensured they were always motivated by God’s words. The boys were born in San Juan but moved to California for their studies until they returned to the Philippines.

Varsity players: The twins played baseball, soccer, football and were varsity players in basketball and tennis at Menlo-Atherton High School. They also excelled in school with high honors and received a scholarship at Berkeley’s prestigious University of California. The twins were Grand Prix Tennis Champions.

It was during a gig that the twins were discovered by ABS-CBN. They sang a tagalog song in a Filipino event in California and the brothers landed modeling jobs and a music contract.

They only thought of staying for a year. However, they felt a strong connection with the youth. After becoming “Youth Ambassadors” for SM and DepEd, the twins saw the bigger picture of what God wanted them to accomplish.


Values we can learn from the Perkins Twins

1. Peer pressure

perkins twins

The twins avoided going to parties in High School. “You don’t have to party like this to have fun, it will just expose you to peer pressure, but God always makes a way out for us,” said Christian Perkins.

“Bad company corrupts good morals, be friendly but choose who you want to be close to. They should share the same (Christian) values that you have”. Friends tried to influence them on many things that were not beneficial; they said “no,” and their friends gave up inviting them.

How did they do it? They avoided the “party culture.”

They simply said “no”

2. Role model

perkins twins

The twins grew up in a permissive society but could keep themselves pure. They focused on sports, studies, and God’s word each day. Their father Tarney believes that living a victorious Christian life is possible.

“Our parents are our biggest role model. They guided us constantly and gave time for us,” says Jesse and Christian. They also encouraged them to look up to ‘Christian role models‘ like Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow inspired us. When he won the Heisman trophy, Tim thanked Jesus, and during middle school, I realized it was cool to be a Christian. Tim also remains a ‘virgin,’ that seems weird in this world, but he is humble and authentic,” said Jesse Perkins.

Nothing good happens after midnight

Staying pure means staying out of parties and situations that can lead you to temptation. The Perkins Twins were frequently invited in parties—but they avoided most of them. “As my dad always reminds us, nothing good happens after midnight,” recalls Jesse and Christian.

Focus on Jesus

“We’re pretty focused on sports, and we pray for all the little things. We set goals, and if we’re being influenced to drink, I ask myself, If I drink, will this help me reach my goal?

“My dad told us if you guys want to study here (UCB) one day, if you want to be successful, stay away from trouble and focus on your crafts, be on the safe side of life – focus on Jesus,” said Jesse. Don’t focus on the sin, focus on the redemption,” said Christian.

Don’t put yourself in any position that would cause you to sin.

How did they do it? They were focused

Don’t be idle

Despite living in Silicon Valley, Tarney discouraged them from being engrossed in social media. Computer access at home was limited. “Don’t put yourself in any position that would cause you to sin; keep busy, don’t be idle, says Christian.


3. Obedience

perkins twins

Truth be told, their mom is a walking Bible, told Jesse and Christian. Instead of “sermons,” she quotes them Bible verses. Tarny and Tess were hands-on parents who prayed for them all the time.

“We lived a conservative lifestyle, we didn’t go to dances, didn’t watch bad movies, didn’t play bad video games, no social media until we graduated from High School, and most importantly, we were obedient to our parents,” said Jesse.

“Don’t think you’re better than anyone else; it’s a big thing for us; stay humble,” according to Christian.

“Most importantly, we were obedient to our parents.”


The Perkins Twins Christian and Jesse in a School Mission Project in the Philippines.

Little things matter

Christian was once asked, have you ever stolen anything? He realized that little things matter, even if it was only candy. “Don’t mess around, delight in safe pastures, getting in the habit of doing the right things, even if it’s little things.

For example, do not litter, clean as you leave, don’t cut people online. Simple things can shape who you are. Little things matter,” Christian said.


Perkins Twins with CCF Senior Pastor Peter Tan Chi at Christ Commission Fellowship online service in 2020.

Today, The Perkins Twins are active in their “school mission” project, where they visit schools throughout the country.

They are also DepEd Ambassadors for Anti-drugs and Alternative Learning and SM Musical Ambassadors. In their spare time, you could see them at Cup of Faith coffee shop at the CCF Center, Ortigas.

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