Who are you to judge others?


What does the Bible say about judging others?

In a nutshell, yes, we can critic or make a moral judgment of someone. However, make sure you also have the best interest of the other person. Otherwise, you could just be judging, which makes it a sin.

Matthew 7:1 is the most frequently quoted Bible verse today: “Do not judge so that you won’t be judged.” Theologist Paul Copan said, “It’s been twisted to mean we can’t say someone’s action or lifestyle is wrong.

However, when someone says, “Don’t judge,” he’s judging you for judging someone else. You’ve done wrong by saying someone else has done wrong.

Jesus made moral judgment too

Jesus too made a moral judgment by using metaphors like “dogs and pigs” to people undeserving of grace. Such descriptors were debasing in Jewish culture (Mt. 7:6).

Yet He told us not to judge based on appearance (John 7:24). The thing is, Jesus alone knows the hearts of men. He is our judge.

Secret sin that disables yo to serve in church.

How do we resolve the apparent tension?

In Matthew 7:5, Jesus said to first examine ourselves (removing the log from our own eye), before helping (or criticizing) others.

Therefore, if you are sure that the Holy Spirit is telling you to “rebuke” someone, the right kind of judging is doing it with a humble attitude, keeping in mind that like others, you too are a sinner.

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  1. get criticisms from people we love. It is a human nature to criticize more than to compliment. We sometimes think that such these criticisms wound our precious pride and hurt our sense of importance. Even if the criticisms are reasonable, we in return condemn trying to justify our own manners.

  2. mas madalas tignan ang pagkakamali kesa sa mga bagay na magandang ginawa mo ….
    parang ganto lang yan .,, kapag Grupo kayu at may goal kayo na dapat matapos dapat lahat ng ttulungn pero kapag dumating ang pagsubok na isa sa inyu ay nagkamali syempre pag uusapan yan” madami ng discussion kesa sa good work!!!


  3. AHAHAHA 😀
    alam ko din namn na kasama yan sa pag ddisiplina ng mga magulang pero ang nakakalungkot hnd namn talaga nasusunod..


      • oo nga tama naman po yun pero kung masyadong marami ng nakikita sa isang tao parang di na blessing yun.. yeah that’s right wala talaga tayong maipagmamalaki sa Panginoon.. at yan dapat ang laging iisipin ng bawat tao

  4. wala naman masama ang magsabi ng Mali eh ., para rin sayu yun hnd ibgsabihin na critize kana agad dapat nga maging good motivation mo yun …

    • masama mag sabi ng mali taong hindi naman nakikita sayo ang tama para sa kanya. and some point maiisip nila na you criticize them.

  5. kasi nga MAS MADALING MAGSABI NG MALI NG IBA O BUTAS NG IBA kesa SA MALI O BUTAS SA ATING MGA SARILI .. Ganun talaga hindi maiiwasan ang di tumingin sa iba kesa sa ating mga sarili

  6. Judging is different from rebuking. Judging is a form of castigation in which you’re telling the truth without extending your helping hand to the person being judged. Rebuking is far more different. You’re telling the truth and helping them become better and be different from what has been accused afterwards. Hope this helps. God bless you. ☺☺

  7. isang pagpatotoo ang isang kasulatan sa Bibliya (Santiago 8:7), that we don’t have right to judge other cause we are all sinner


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