Why are you an atheist?


Why do some people choose to be an atheist?

Passionate street preacher Ray Comfort exposed the fallacies and delusion of atheism. In the video titled “The Atheist Delusion,” Ray asked students if God was real. Many admitted they were atheists, and Ray tried to change their minds.

Despite some realizing God’s existence, they’d rather remain unbelieving because their lifestyle is too satisfying to give up.

Ray Comfort asked which came first, the egg or the chicken? If the egg was first, was it fertilized? But then who fertilized it? What about the heart, which came first, the heart itself or the blood?

Such is the dilemma of “Irreducible Complexity.” There has to be “Intelligent Design.” Nothing comes from nothing, as Parmenides puts it.

→ Why Atheism is a Delusion.

Why people are drawn to atheism? Having sex with anyone you like, cheating, polyamory, living a homosexual lifestyle, or using “humanism” to be free from Biblical morals make atheism attractive. Since God is against these, the only way to break free is to deny God’s existence, hence, to be an atheist.

→ Atheism that’s slowly creeping into the society.

What makes atheism attractive?

Despite Ray Comfort establishing the “Creator,” most of the students wouldn’t give up atheism. He points a simple reason: At video 29:20 minutes, Ray tells plainly that atheists would continue to pretend that “God is not real” because they love pornography, sex, and sinful pleasures.

Those who love sin love darkness than light (John 3:19). Darkness hates the light, and “Jesus is the light of the world.” Many refuse the light because their deeds will be exposed (John 8:12; John 6:51).

But those who believe and follow Jesus will be saved. When He returns, Jesus will take with Him those belong to God, then the end will come.

→ DNA, mathematical impossibility of evolution.

Refusal to submit to God’s authority

In a mock survey at the Atheist Experience Facebook group, a poll asked, “Would you worship a god if it were real? 86% out of 13,000 responded said no.

The issue is really not about God’s existence but a person’s refusal to submit to His authority.

Revelation 20:15
“Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.”

Pinoy atheists use humanism and victimhood to attract members.

The demonic nature of sexual sin.
I was addicted to drugs, porn, and sexual orgies.
Former atheist Nett Gochuico, abused by his dad.

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