Why are you an Atheist?

The Atheist Delusion movie

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Why being an atheist is an excuse

Ray Comfort, the producer of the Atheist Delusion movie, asked students if they were atheists. Those who participated contradicted themselves even after they realized that a creator exists. Their reason was simple, they want to continue living an immoral lifestyle that God forbids. Hence, the way around it is to say “God does not exist.”

Irreducible complexity

In this Youtube movie, Ray exposed the fallacies of high profile atheists Richard Dawkins. Dawkins has become the poster boy for Charles Darwin who claims “Nothing created everything,” but no atheist could refute one of the most basic argument that makes atheism a fallacy.

Incredible fine tuning of the universe

The theory of Irreducible Complexity is a term coined by Michael Behe. He defines it as a single system which is composed of several interacting parts, and where the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to cease functioning. An example is our tiny solar system. If the sun was an inch closer to earth, we won’t survive. If it was an inch away, the same thing will happen, it’s basic science. Likewise, if the earth spun faster, we will all be dead. (Popular Science)

DNA is another example of Irreducible Complexity. Bill Gates said, “DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.” In other words, there is a designer.

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Ray Comfort asked which came first, the egg or the chicken hen? If the egg was first, was it fertilized? He also illustrated the complexities of the heart, which came first? The heart itself or the blood? Logic will tell you that there is a creator which Christians call Jesus. Without Him, nothing was created (John 1:3). However, to an atheist, God does not exist, because they do not want to submit to His authority – it’s really that simple.

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Why do you remain an Atheist?

Despite establishing that there was intelligent design, most of the students could not give up atheism. Ray points a simple reason: At video 29:20 minutes, he tells it plainly that atheists would continue to pretend that God is not real because they love pornography, sex, and other pleasures that are considered a sin, opposed to a just God.

Darkness and light

Those who love sin love darkness than light (John 3:19). Darkness hates the light and “Jesus is the light of the world.” Many refuse the light because their deeds will be exposed (John 8:12; John 6:51). But those who believe and follow Jesus will be saved. When He returns, Jesus will take with Him those belong to God, then the end will come. Open your heart to Jesus and be saved!

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