Why Christians can’t trust woke doctors and psychologists

Woke Doctors and Psychologists: Pawns of the enemy to discredit the Bible by pushing the “gay agenda”

1. Progressive Doctors: “The enlightened ones” are anti-Bible

One of the most contentious anti-Biblical stands is the support for the LGBTQ lifestyle. In recent years, the American Psychologists Association (APA) has affirmed the LGBTQ community through the Gender Identity Change Efforts (GICE 1). GICE is the opposite of the Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE 2), which is criticized by the majority of APA members.

Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

SOCE was advocated by mostly Christian therapists, church leaders, and conservative organizations that promote conversion therapy. These mental health professionals and non-professionals believe that sexual orientation or its aspects can be altered or corrected because it’s ultimately a mental issue.

It implied that gender confusion is a mental disorder. Hence, there is a need for therapy or intervention that ranges from dating advice to religious practices and gender role enforcement.

While the SOCE methods can be legalistic, they are nonetheless an effort to allow God to change a person. After all, regardless of the cause of homosexuality, its lifestyle is a sin in the Bible. Hence, one can overcome it.

In 2009, the APA Task Force concluded conversion therapy is ineffective, potentially harmful, and not supported by scientific evidence. Instead, the association advocated against those who attempt to alter one’s sexual orientation or habits.

APA Resolution said, “After reviewing scientific evidence on SOCE published since 2009, the APA affirms SOCE puts individuals at significant risk of harm. Be it further resolved that the APA opposes SOCE because of their association with harm.”

In October 2023, APA, alongside 28 other U.S.-based medical and psychological associations with over 1.3 million healthcare providers, collectively opposed “conversion therapy” by endorsing the U.S. Joint Statement Against Conversion Efforts. 3

“Ex-Gay books are harmful”

Christian-authored “ex-gay” literature and discourse conceptualize gender diversity as a sin, a mental illness. Therefore, these are harmful, “perpetuating cisgenderism and transmisogyny,” according to APA guidelines. [Robinson & Spivey, 2019]

Admittedly, legalistic Christians have gone overboard on conversion therapy. It’s neither realistic nor Biblical, but it should not take away the opportunity of other Christian doctors or groups to encourage a person to change what essentially is a destructive lifestyle.

Gender Identity Change Efforts are anti-Bible

Genital reassignment or castration is encouraged. “Psychologists are encouraged to validate, normalize, and assist sexual orientation and identity,” according to APA guidelines in 2021. APA also pushes the idea that a nonbinary construct allows for a range of gender identities. [Guideline 1]

Psychologists understand that gender is a nonbinary construct that allows for a range of gender identities and that a person’s gender identity may not align with sex assigned at birth.” (APA, 2015, p. 834, GICE)

APA “Evidence-Based Practice” is weak

Critics contend that APA’s Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) guidelines inadequately address LGBTQ perspectives due to ideological and “woke biases,” excluding faith-based evidence because it’s none science.

Still, we are told by the media we should only trust medical professionals.

APA stated that “Same-gender and multiple-gender attraction, feelings, and behavior are normal variations in human sexuality, being LGBTQ+ is not a not mental disorder, and APA opposes portrayals of sexual minorities as mentally ill because of their sexual orientation.” 4

Perhaps APA is correct in saying that these are part of human sexuality, and to call someone mentally ill is degrading. However, God-fearing American people should still have the right to speak what they see as sin and not get punished for living their faith.

For centuries, America has been founded on Biblical morals, decency, and strong conservative values. At the dawn of the third millennium, the “enlightened ones,” doctors and psychologists, declared that sin is normal and should be understood, nurtured, and embraced.

The point is that fornication, homosexual lifestyle, and men dressing as women are sins in the Bible and have consequences. These consequences are evident in the number of depression, suicide, and decadent living. Therefore, it’s the same group of “woke medical professionals” who are perpetuating sin, clearly being Satan’s pawns.

2. AMA on Birth Certificate undermines science

In 2021, the American Medical Association (AMA) recommended the exclusion of sex designation from public birth certificates. The AMA cited concerns for transgender, non-binary, and intersex individuals, arguing that publicly listing assigned sex can lead to discrimination and harassment—more important than promoting biology and science.

Almost all U.S. states allow the amendment of the sex marker on birth certificates. However, discrepancies between the sex listed and an individual’s identity can cause significant gender dysphoria and anxiety, particularly for marginalized groups.

While some states permit changes between male and female markers, others offer a gender-neutral option. While it helps the gay community feel accepted and good about their identity, it also normalizes fake science because the gender spectrum has no scientific basis but a woke ideology.

3. They have been successful in encouraging the gay lifestyle

In 2004, a review of “more than 100 follow-up studies of post-operative transsexuals” by Birmingham University’s Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility found no conclusive evidence supporting the benefits of gender reassignment, criticizing poorly designed studies that favored physical changes without considering alternatives like counseling or the potential reduction of gender confusion over time. 5

In 2021, a fresh review of 27 studies with 7,928 transgender patients undergoing gender-affirming surgery (GAS) found regret rates of 1%, which is an extremely low prevalence of regret after GAS.

In other words, “woke psychologists” have been successful in encouraging people to embrace what essentially is sin in the Bible.

On the flip side, these successes in encouraging people to embrace what the Bible calls sin is indeed a victory for the one who rules hell.

Changing the language

In 2021, the St Louis trans clinic told a teacher to ‘affirm’ an entire group of 5th graders coming out as transgender, fanning the flames of an already confused generation.

The following year, professors and “scientists” of the EEB Language Project proposed new terms for males and females as “sperm-producing” and “egg-producing.”

The bottom line is that these medical professionals are “aiding the enemy Satan” by extinguishing Biblical truths in place of what they call “science.”

4. Justifying sin in the Bible

Protandry: Comparing animals and humans

Some medical professionals have cited protandry, a natural phenomenon where certain species can change sex, to justify transgenderism. However, this comparison overlooks the uniqueness of humans.

Protandry is physiological in animals, but transgenderism in humans is primarily a mental condition. Even in rare cases of hermaphroditism, it is a biological phenomenon rather than sexual orientation or gender identity.

When a man chooses to be a woman, he needs to undergo gender reassignment. Another option is for him to dress in women’s clothes to appear as a woman—which, in all intent and purposes, is unnatural.

In other words, transitioning is an emotional experience with unstable emotions.

Humans possess complex cognitive and emotional faculties, unlike animals driven solely by instinct and their biological structure, which may justify transgendrism. However, it remains unnatural.

Strange behaviors observed in animals, like the Praying Mantis eating its mate’s head after mating, do not justify similar actions in humans.

The point is that medical professionals who support gender reassignment or chemical castration that can cause life-threatening surgery are illogical and insane. They cannot be trusted.

To switch gender by surgery or pretending to be a woman or a man by merely dressing up is unnatural. This is why the Apostle Paul referenced “exchanging natural with unnatural relationships/behaviors,” not just an oddity but a sin.

Integrating “sin” into the system

In an effort to “strengthen health rights of the LGBTQ+,” the Biden government proposed a rule in 2022 that requires hospitals to provide ‘gender transition surgery or gender-affirming care,’ Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, to allow young people to have gender transition surgery and force insurers to pay for it. 6

A federal appeals court ruled that the Biden administration cannot compel religious doctors and healthcare providers to perform gender surgeries, citing religious freedom. This is the second time courts have rejected this policy. 7

The gay agenda has also spread in public schools. For example, the St. Louis gender clinic advised an elementary school teacher to “affirm” a group of fifth-grade girls who all claimed to be transgender. 8


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