Why Gender Equality and Diversity is Anti-Christian


Why Gender Fluidity, Diversity, and Inclusion is Anti-Christian

Lucifer claimed equality with God and tells us that we, too, should demand equal rights. He calls it diversity, inclusion, and equality, and left-liberal politicians call it progressive. They support religious freedom unless it’s from the Bible.


1. Erase distinctions between male and female God intended to be.

  • All-Gender Bathrooms: Males can use a female bathroom and vice versa if they feel like it. A male sex offender can pretend to be gay and use the girl’s bathroom. The law protects them from exercising their choice of a public restroom.
  • Bills push for gender pronouns: Gender diversity forces everyone to use fluid or non-binary gender pronouns like “they” or “theybies.” The Canadian bill, Bill C-16, allows the replacement of “he or she” with “zie, zieself, zimself, or zirself.” Gender classification should be expanded.
  • Number of genders that mock God’s design: LGTB should be LGTBQ to actually mean LGBTTTQQIAA. The redefinition of sexes is to confuse everyone into believing that there are more than two sexes.
  • Junk he & she: The University of Tennessee is urging incoming students and teachers to junk references to “he,” “she,” and “them” in favor of gender-neutral “ze” and “xe.” UT wanted to ensure it is not singling out transgender or non-binary students. [Washington Examiner]
  • Biological boys compete in all-girls sports: A born male who claims to be a female person can now compete with biologically born girls in school – and they actually win. Most transgender rejects basic science and push for idiotic ideologies that insist they are “biological females.”
  • Laws passed to redefine sex roles: Liberal Democrats want to ruin the definition of sex. They are empowered, and anyone who disagrees can be liable for a criminal offense. [Heritage]


nina west
Transgenders in America today are in full throttle in pushing the ‘Gaying of America.’ They indoctrinate children by teaching them gay alphabets and the values of living a gay life through the “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

2. Cancel anything that embodies Christian values and tradition.

  • Christian prayers banned: In 1962, Christian prayer in public schools was banned after atheist Madelyn O’hare questioned its constitutionality. Subsequently, Christian traditions are being banned in some schools, because it is anti-LGBTQ.
  • Martin Luther King’s quote should be removed: Student leaders at the University of Oregon wanted to remove a famous Martin Luther King Jr. quote from a wall in its student center because it was not inclusive. He only fought for racial discrimination and did not include discrimination on “gender identity.” [National Review]
  • Bully Christian businessmen: Militant LGBTQ has retaliated by bringing them to court. For example, a Christian senior center was sued by a lesbian couple. Christian baker Jack Phillips was sued three times by a gay couple and the state.
  • Erasing Christmas: First, liberals wanted to replace the word Christmas with “Sparkle Days” in Pittsburg. Then they canceled poinsettias. For example, a courthouse in Ramsey County banned red poinsettias because someone deemed them a ‘Christian symbol,” In Georgia, a hospital banned “religious Christmas songs in public areas.”
  • Gay Santa Claus: In 2017, the book ‘Santa’s Husband‘ is a children’s book depicted Santa as a gay black man with a husband. Santa is not a Bible character but his image has been influential in celebrating Christmas. His gifts are inspired by Jesus who gave the “ultimate gift of salvation” to mankind. Turning him into a homosexual is an indirect way to mock Christmas. A storybook written by Daniel Kibblesmith, and illustrated by A.P. Quach, teaches children a homosexual version of Santa. [Todd Starnes]


3. Discredit the Bible and label it oppressive

In 2018, two theology professors Elisabeth Parmentier and Lauriane Savoy of the University of Geneva led the retranslation of the Bible to reflect feminist values; the Une Bible des Femmes (A Women’s Bible). In short, they’ve twisted the Bible to support neo-feminism.

For now, they are discrediting the Bible by saying it allows certain sins. Progressive Christians use a different angle to justify the sin that Satan wants to normalize. Eventually, these will all lead to disqualifying the Bible as a source of moral virtues.

Normalizing sin in the Bible

  • Premarital sex – Ruth was allowed to have premarital sex with Boaz, by her mother.
  • Adultery – King David and King Solomon were habitual adulterers, which was OK with God.
  • Same-sex marriage – Progressive woke churches affirm LGBTQ values because the Bible doesn’t condemn “love.”
  • Pedophilia – The Church of Satan tweeted the Bible supporting pedophilia in the books of Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Judges.

The Bible should be canceled

The bottom line of gender diversity

Gender diversity may sound progressive, but underneath it is a demonic scheme that willfully disregards scriptures as the source of virtuous moral truth. By replacing what God calls sin, with something that “God didn’t say that.” No wonder, Jesus often spoke in parables. Not everyone wants to hear the truth.

Not everyone wants to hear the truth.

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