Why is getting a tattoo a bad decision

Christian or not, why getting a tattoo is a wrong decision

Scriptures do not support having tattoos because of their pagan origin. God’s chosen people were told not to have it. Today, it seems OK to have tattoos, especially if it’s about God—but it’s still not good to have them for the following reasons.

  1. You cannot donate your blood once you have a tattoo.
  2. Having a tattoo can polarize people who may judge you for having it.
  3. Tattoos may open the door for Satan.

Demonic tattoos

Dr. Richard Ing, the author of Spiritual Deliverance, had a woman who went to see her because she noticed that the tattoo on her left shoulder suddenly began to tingle. It somewhat moved, and she felt there was something wrong.

Instinctively, Pastor Ing recognized the demonic connection of her tattoo symbol. He asked her to repent for having it. She fell to the ground and coughed for almost forty-five minutes as demons came out.

Pastor Ing believes that certain tattoos can open the door for demons to oppress someone.


Is getting a Christian tattoo OK?

No, having a tattoo is discouraged, even if it’s about a Bible verse or a cross. Some Christians and non-Christians have had it, but it doesn’t mean that the scriptures support it. If you already have it, ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom if you should have it removed or not.

Instead of a tattoo, let your testimony speak of who you are in Christ

Even if a tattoo has something to do with God, there is a risk of people associating it with a culture rooted in paganism. Still, we cannot judge people who feel the need to sport a tattoo.

Understandably, a “cross tattoo” is a proud statement as a Christian. However, ‘faith in action’ is a better way of showing our identity in Christ.


Progressive Christian” Nadia Bolz-Weber referred to herself as a “dyke.” She is also ridden with tattoos and other pagan accessories like beads and rosary. She is also a “social justice warrior” who uses the Bible to promote “woke Christianity.”
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