Why Jews don’t believe Jesus is Messiah

3-Reasons why Jews don’t believe in Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah

1. Jesus did not fulfill the messianic prophecies

Jews believe the coming of the Messiah will bring peace, reunite the Jewish people, rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, and bring about a spiritual awakening among the nations.

They do not believe that Jesus fulfilled these messianic prophecies, as his teachings and actions did not align with their expectations of the Messiah.

2. Jesus’ teachings and claims contradict Jewish beliefs

Judaism emphasizes the oneness of God and the importance of following God’s commandments. Jesus’ teachings, however, emphasized his divinity and presented himself as the only path to salvation.

These claims contradict Jewish beliefs, as they do not acknowledge the importance of following God’s commandments or the idea that salvation can be achieved through faith in one person.

3. Historical mistreatment of Jews by Christians

The historical mistreatment of Jews by Christians, including forced conversions and violent persecution, has created a deep mistrust and aversion towards Christianity.

First, the Romans expelled them from the promised land, then the Muslims.

Further indignities followed with the arrival of the Crusaders. Jews fought side-by-side with Muslim soldiers to defend Jerusalem against the Crusaders. [Our Hands are Stained with Blood, Brown 1992]

Even apostles like Paul wanted Jews to suffer. In two letters, he accused his fellow Jews of substituting their own “justness,” resulting from Mosaic observance. Paul was, of course, defending the Gospel.

The persecution of Jews by Christians from Europe

In 380, Christianity became the official state religion under Theodosius I, which discriminated against the Jewish population. But the more the Jews became successful, the more they were chastised out of envy.

  • During the Carolingian period, Western European Jews suffered new indignities with the arrival of the Crusades, including the Rhineland massacres.
  • In the Middle Ages, Jews were blamed for the Black Plague and subjected to many injustices in Germany, including massacres due to slanderous accusations of poisoning wells and ritual murder.
  • By the time Hitler came to power, Germany had the highest population of Jews in Western Europe and a long history of anti-Jewish sentiment. Then the holocaust killed six-million Jews. [Gerald Sloyan]

Therefore we should not be surprised if most Jews despise the very idea of being a Christian. Moreso believes in Jesus. The Jews continue to face hatred from their Arab and Palestinian neighbors—labeled as land grabbers, even by mainstream media. [Short History of Palestine]


Dr. Eitan Bar (D.Min. DTS) is ONE FOR ISRAEL’s Evangelism and Apologetics directors. Eitan lives in Israel and is the leading producer and director of the famous “I MET MESSIAH.”
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