Why are the Israelite Jews hated?

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Why God’s chosen people, the Jewish Israelites, hated through the centuries

1 Million Jews murdered in 70 AD

Approximately one million Jews were killed during the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Most survivors were sold into slavery. However, a small remnant of Jewish people remained throughout the dispersion (CFIUK). Most Jews settled and prospered in Europe. The scattered Jewish people kept their culture intact until they were able to return in 1948.

6 Million Jews murdered in WW2

From 1939 to May 1945, six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during WW1. Adolf Hitler blamed the Bolsheviks, socialists, and Jews (social democrats) for Germany’s loss in WW1. With the growing hatred of German nationals for the Jews, Hitler pushed for “ethnic cleansing,” the Final Solutio that led to the genocide.

Movie adaption depicting how the modern Israelite were despised, discriminated, and hated.

The origin of Jewish hatred

The hatred for the Jews began with prejudice. For example, they had a reputation for scrupulous business deals. They were also blamed for the pandemic in Europe where they allegedly poisoned the water wells, causing vast deaths.

Antisemitism in Europe began in the middle ages. Some saw the Jews as scurrilous, stingy, devious, yet stupid. Furthermore, their reputation for being miser, greedy, yet rich, and powerful earned both envy and disgust. Even today, Hasidic Jews are made fun of because of their unique culture.

Palestine conflict

In 1948, modern Israel settled in a tiny portion of Palestine despite the historical fact that the entire region belongs to them. The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah were located in this region.

New wave of antisemitism

Today, antisemitism is led by some US leftist democratic politicians. They see the Jews as “land grabbers.” Their constant war victories are branded as Israeli aggression. Naturally, these leftist-politicians disregard the Bible as a historical document as well as archeological proof for the right of Israel to exist in Palestine.

Left Democrat politicians in the US who President Trump is casting “anti-Israel” and “anti-Semitic.”

Simplified history of the Israel-Palestinian war.
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