Why Taylor Swift is not a Christian

Four reasons why pop icon Taylor Swift is not a Christian

1. Witcraft in Taylor’s music

During Taylor Swift’s Eras tour in 2023, Taylor Swift danced like a witch in what appeared to be a fancy coven ceremony as she sang Willow. “Swifties” have shared viral TikTok clips alleging she’s doing a spell during performances. [Newsweek]

Even if she doesn’t practice witchery and merely uses it for shock value, such performances glorify what really is a satanic ritual. Her strong influence desensitizes audiences, making it an acceptable norm.

Additionally, her performance of the song “Labyrinth” has been criticized for apparently celebrating witchery.

2. Taylor Swift’s abortion support

Although Taylor Swift claims to be pro-choice, she also supports abortion. In an August 2019 interview with the Guardian, Taylor Swift claims to be “pro-choice” while criticizing Donald Trump.

But then, she also expressed concern about proposed abortion restrictions in Tennessee, stating, “I just can’t believe this is happening.” [Billboard, Snopes]

However, contrary to some claims, Swift did not explicitly endorse abortion or express disbelief in “people wanting to protect unborn children, though, in a logical semantic, the latter means the same thing.

3. Moralistic diety in Swift’s music

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD) is the new religion of the Millenial Generation. Although they acknowledge God exists, he is distant, remotely in heaven, busy making things happen for our own pleasure. This is the kind of god-professing Christians have, which is not about Christianity.

While Taylor Swift’s early song lyrics embraced sweetness and naivety, her later works evolved and gradually developed into what really is about worldliness, sex, and impropriety, tempered by her purportedly wholesome and, to an extent, Christian imagery.

For example, the song “Devil in Disguise” in 2024 is empowering to women, but it’s really about revenge along with so much cuss no true Christian will utter, lest sing. No right-minded Christian will use such a title.

Taylor’s influence extends to professing Christians. In 2023, a woman pastor, Hannah Lovagliom, said, “I know my experience at the Eras Tour made me a better pastor.” Hence, you would think that there are Christian values to pick.

According to Lovagloim, the audience chanted: “Take me to church, Taylor!” during one of her Eras tour concerts. Although the phrase is not part of a song, it was one of the call-and-response moments Swifties (Taylor’s fans) created. Then there was a beam of light as the choir backed up Taylor with, “Oh, Lord, save me,” and here lies the heresy.

The devil, who can also become an “angel of light,” hides in plain sight. The enemy has been successful in desensitizing this generation that the use of devils and witchcraft in music imagery isn’t harmful.

4. Taylor Swift’s association

The Soros influence

In 2019, Taylor Swift called out the Soros family for label ownership issues. In 2024, a conspiracy theory alleged that Swift made a deal with them to get the rights to her music back in exchange for encouraging her followers to vote Democrat against President Trump.

Incidentally, Swift is dating Travis Kelce, who signed with @pfizer to push the COVID-19 vaccines. Earlier, the Soros-backed foundation pledged millions for vaccine inequity.

With Soros “allegedly owning Swift,” associating herself with anti-Biblical morals would make sense. Soros has been tagged with Illuminati conspiracy, antisemitism, and demonic gender ideology. [Laura Loomer]

Taylor’s collaboration

In 2024, singer Ice Spice was seen wearing an inverted cross during the Super Bowl. Standing beside her was Taylor Swift, a dear friend whom she had several music collaborations with. Ice has also teamed up with Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B, all of whom have used demonic imagery in their music.


The bottom line is that true Christians do not associate themselves with what is immoral and demonic. Our body is God’s temple, and He said, “Come out from among them and be separate,’ says the Lord. ‘Touch no unclean thing, and I will welcome you.” (2 Corinthians 6:17)

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