Does God love me even if I am gay and Christian?


Will God still love me even if I am gay and Christian?

Joselito grew up with an abusive father who was into drugs and alcohol. They were poor, and with eight siblings, life was hard. His mother ran a modest beauty salon in their house. At six years old, he was sexually abused by different men who were neighbors and relatives.

My secret Christian life

I heard the gospel at 14 through my teacher and served in a Christian fellowship. Church activities distracted my homosexual tendencies for a time.

As an adult, my hidden desire for men eventually became a gay lifestyle, one sin at a time. I met strangers from anywhere, parks, and movie houses. Gay mobile apps weren’t a thing at that time.

A double life

I served in church but would later have sex with someone. I could not help it. I taught Math, and before class begins, I shared a Bible verse to encourage students.

I thought I could mix my gay life with serving God, but there was guilt each time. Eventually, I got tired and gave up going to church and sharing God’s words – Satan won this round.

I let go, but God did not

Seven years later, my friend invited me to Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF). During that time, I became tired of dating men, searching for Mr. Right, who I thought would make me happy and complete. I felt the door has been closing in on me.

I met a Pastor in CCF, who said God can still work mightily in my rotten life if only I would surrender everything to Jesus. I joined a support group that listened to my struggles. They neither condemned or judged who I was. God never gave up on me.

β†’ Sin disables if you don’t know who you are in Jesus

If God loves me, why this?

I had renewed hope and active in church again. I also led a small group and felt all the love I needed in the family of God. Then I suffered from pneumonia in 2015. It quickly developed into tuberculosis.

I knew I had to take the dreaded test for gays who lived an active sex life. Like a death sentence, the test confirmed I was HIV positive, and my immune system was failing.

I questioned God, if you love me, you would have stopped me from committing sin and getting the virus. I blamed God for the consequences of my sin.

I blamed God for the consequences of my sin.

God’s grace abounds

The virus kept me to the lowest point where I couldn’t even stand. My weight fell from 80 to 35 kilos, and I could barely eat. I was hospitalized for the first time in my life. I was hopeless, but I hoped in Jesus, my Savior.

The many prayers sustained me. Miraculously, I survived. Afterward, I returned to regular teaching. Today, I live one day at a time. God’s love has no limits and I trust whatever future lies ahead of me.

Do you have sexual struggle?

If you struggle with sexual identity, lust, or internet porn, only Jesus can set you free as he did to me. He loves you as he loves me, even if I am gay. Call on Jesus.


– Prayer –
“God, I run to you for help. Today, I give my heart to you and declare with my mouth that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour! Change my heart and help me turn away from sin. Create a miracle and send the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide me”.

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  1. God gives us free will. So we can either sin or live a righteous life. Is being gay a sin….yes. God made man and he created woman as his partner. If the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 that the effeminate will not enter the kingdom of God then that is what God means. Jesus said in Mark 10 6-9 But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.
    Case Closed! It is clear that a relationship and marriage in God’s eyes is between a man and woman. It is not my nor any other Christian’s job to beat mentally or physically someone from the LBGT community. We are to love and pray for them. None of us are perfect except Christ. I have sinned in more ways than one. Still each day I try to live better than yesterday, striving for righteousness. Pray for my strength in the Lord as I will pray for you.

    • bxxxh shut the fxxx up okay i hate people like you god loves us all no matter what and god forgives our sin being gay is one sin a sin he can forgive you for but you must as for this forgiveness

  2. Take not by any means okay. Hu ust pray and God will heal you from homosexuality. I am praying for all of you homosexuals.


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