Will you believe if God reveals Himself to you?

Would you believe God if He revealed Himself to you?

In a mock Atheist Experience Facebook group survey, a poll asked, “Would you worship a god if it were real?” 86% out of 13,000 responded, saying a resounding NO!

Modern atheism is no longer about proving His existence through a thorough and decent intellectual discussion. They don’t want God because they want to be their own god—devoid of accountability. “The elephant in the room isn’t evidence of God; its morality and accountability,” according to apologist Frank Turek.


Atheism is the refusal to worship God

Moral philosopher and atheist Julian Baggini argue in his book ‘Godless Gospel’ that Jesus is not a moral teacher. Instead, he points out double standards. For example, Jesus tells us to help the poor, yet allowed Himself to indulge in an expensive perfume that could feed the poor.

Baggini refuses to admit who Jesus is. For him, He is a mere thinker, a philosopher like him, and not God who sets moral standards for men but reserves standards for Himself—because He is God.

Antony Flew is also an atheist-moral philosopher who later shocked his followers when he admitted God could exist. Flew and Baggini acknowledge that atheism is not a mere lack of belief but a rejection of faith in God or gods. 

All things were made through Jesus for His glory (John 1). He will return and save those who believe, and those who reject Him await God’s final judgment.

Revelation 20:15
“Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.”


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