New Religion of Woke Churches

The rise of Woke-Progressive and Liberal Christian Churches in America

Christian churches for Blackout Tuesday

Known as Blackout Tuesday, some churches supported Black Lives Matter’s (BLM) shout for racial justice on June 2, 2020. They posted Bible verses and had black profiles on their Facebook. The problem, BLM is an atheist-Marxist group. They use destruction to justify their cry for socialism and LGBTQ causes.

Willow Creek, Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, and popular author Max Lucado and Rick Warren’s Saddleback church, along with dozens of churches, supported Black Lives Matter’s cause. However, for Black conservatives like Candice Owens, they are driven by “white guilt” that doesn’t help Black lives.

Professor Dr. Michael Brown identifies “Jezebel spirit” in the BLM group. They conjure “dead spirits,” where a BLM leader said, “Our power comes not only from the people who are here but from the spirits that we cannot see.”

Woke Christians Max Lucado, Joel Osteen, Willow Creek, and Christianity Today magazine are some of the many Christians who agree with what demonic far-let fight for—systemic racism. They twist scriptures to support an atheist movement. Ironically, prominent Black Christians think otherwise.

Bradford Unitarian-Universalist church

On August 24, 2020, Marxist-atheist group BLM rioters set on fire a car dealership in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Like Bradford, a universalist church is one of the many religious groups in America that empower the Marxist-atheist group.

Bradford Unitarian church has bits and pieces that suggest they’re Christian, but they’re clearly not. They are part of a growing movement of woke churches who leans left, are liberal, and endorses anti-Biblical stance on homosexuality and social activism.

The issue of racism divided Christians. Both sides may have correct assumptions. However, the fact remains that all these roots to something more sinister. A massive deception that only just begun.

United Church for Christ endorsing Equal Marriage Rights

The United Church of Christ supports BLM in the name of social justice. Naturally, they also endorsed same-sex marriage and called for “Equal Marriage Rights for All” in 2005.

ECLA allows same-sex matrimony and transgender Pastors

Lutherans (ECLA, different from other Lutheran denominations) also support social justice. They are one with Black Lives Matters and empowers LGBTQ rights by allowing same-sex union.

More alarming is they admit lesbian and transgender Pastors into leadership, and condone same-sex relationship among its religious heads.

Erica Saunders is a biological male, ordained to a gospel ministry as a (transgender) Pastor in Peace Community, a Baptist church.

Faithful America, Christian community online

In the USA, Faithful America is the largest online community of Christians in social justice. They support same-sex marriage and the BLM Marxist-atheist group.

Their disgust for Republican conservative President Trump, evident in their press releases disavowing him, just like what Christianity Today did.

Faithful America is unified with “Democrats who are pro-abortion” in rejecting a “pro-life US president” and supporting a pro-abortion candidate, Joe Biden.


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